Saints Row IV Get Release Date and Over-the-Top Teaser Trailer

Today Deep Silver and Volition have released the first ever Saints Row IV trailer and the release date. It has been made clear the Saints Row IV will be releasing on August 20th in Europe and August 23rd in North America. To follow this announcement a teaser trailer was release giving players just a glimpse of what they can expect to see in the upcoming game.

Saints Row IV seems to be bringing back that over-the-top action from what we witnessed in Saints Row: The Third. As much as fans were hopping the first teaser was going to be a quick video of Gat stating the words, “I’m back”; instead they got a bunch of footage showing off multiple aspects of the game.

In this installment to the series, instead of the cool gangster feel, the leader of the Saints has been elected as president of the United States. His job is no longer to brutally defeat anyone that stands in his way of being the leader of the city but instead will be fighting off aliens who plan on taking over the nation. This might come as a disappointment to the series fans but after Saints Row: The Third what could we expect?

In the trailer you will see superpowers, fantasy motorcycles, phony weapons and the list goes on for the corny features. We will also see a glimpse of classic Saints Row humor that we are hoping the development team didn’t lose sight of with all the over-the-top corny/ funny things. Please don’t forget to watch the teaser trailer above and share with us weather you like the way the team is showing off the game or if you were hoping to see some of the old gangster life brought back into the game in the comment box below.

Stay tuned with for more information about Saints Row IV and mark August 20th or August 23rd on your calendar for the release of Saints Row IV.


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