E3 2013: Forza 5 Video Interview

Forza 5 - E3 - 2013 Interview

At E3 this year with the showcasing of the new Microsoft and Sony consoles, we were able to have a private meeting with members of the Forza 5 team, while we were shown the game along with important details about it. While this was a behind closed doors meeting, afterwards I was able to interview the community manager for the game, where he commented on many of the aspects we spoke about in the meeting. One of my favorite new features was the fact that Xbox One will eventually learn what type of car designs/decals you like on your car and then instantly bring up ones that it almost knows you may like on one of your vehicles. On the other end, when it comes the everyone who creates these designs, they get paid with in-game credits, directly from Turn 10 Studios depending on how popular their designs are and how much they are used.

I also had to ask about a modding issue that plagues Forza Motorsport 4 where it became extremely easy for people to modify their credits to the maximum amount. This made it difficult for Turn 10 Studios to put rare cars for sale on the in-game store as they could just be easily purchased by someone who modified their game to have max currency. We were informed that this will not be an issue and that the Xbox One as well as Forza 5 will be a “safe” experience. There are a ton of new features in the game, with cars looking AMAZING but not perfect because, as soon as you get behind the wheel of a car in real life, the car eventually gets dirty, minor imperfections, etc. These were implemented in the game and while you won’t be losing any doors in crashes, you can surely see a difference just completing a race without touching a single thing other then those wheels hitting the ground.

The main screen even looked impressive, while Xbox SmartGlass has a significant implementation. Forza 5 will be a big launch title exclusively for the Xbox One when it is released this holiday.


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