Black Ops 2: Uprising Trailer plus double XP dates

Calling all Call of Duty fanatics out there! The new Black Ops 2 map pack is set to be released within the next few days. The map pack is called Uprising and according to its creators it is the most fan-centric DLC package they have ever created. The new DLC come with four new multiplayer maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo and Studio. In addition, there is a new zombies map called Mob of The Dead. Now lets look at these four multiplayer maps individually and see how they might change the online experience.

First let us start with Magma. A volcano erupts and the lava runs through the center of town. This map seems to feature both short and long range combat. It is suggested that players carry two different types of guns so that they can adjust to any situation. Magma is the first Call of Duty map to introduce lava into the multiplayer. Be careful or you might get burnt aka Die.

Next lets look at Encore. Encore is an outdoor amphitheatre in London. The main suggested area to hold is the center stage. Players can assault the stage directly or flank around behind from the stands. Holding down the stage with your team means you are holding down the center of the map, meaning easier kills.

Up next is Vertigo. Vertigo is a tall sky scrapper in India. This tower is owned by the same bad guys who built the drones in the Black Ops 2 campaign. Players can smash through windows to jump to another path. Players who are used to hugging the edge of the map need to be cautious because one wrong step and it’s a long way down.

Finally is the map Studio. Studio takes place in a back lot in California. This map is a recreation of a much loved Black Ops 1 map called Firing Range. Players can fight on sets ranging from alien invasions, pirate lairs, Jurassic jungles and western saloons. The best strategic locations are the castle tower and the tavern because you then control the center of the map.

Now it is time for what zombies fans have been waiting for, Mob of The Dead! Mob of the dead actually takes place on the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco, California. The developers wanted to make the game more survival horror so look for some minor changes. This map will take place during the 1920’s/ 1930’s the Prohibition Era. The cast for this one will be slightly different compared to previous zombies, basically just think Call of The Dead from Black Ops 1. Making an impact to the zombies franchise are Ray Liotta, Chazz Palmiteri, Joe Pantoliano, and Michael Madsen. These four men will be voicing the unique cast for the upcoming map. New to the zombies scene is Purgatory mode, for those unfortunates souls who fall victim to the zombie attack will not have to wait on while others play but will have little takes and goals to achieve or do while in spectral form.

Uprising is scheduled to be released April 16th on Xbox 360.

So as you you know what normally happens with new DLC, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be having double xp event from Friday April 12th 10 AM PST to Monday April 15th, 10 AM PST on all systems. For fans of Call of Duty’s comedic”The Replacers” videos, down below will be the Uprising The Replacements trailer.



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