Black Ops 2: Mob of the Dead Gameplay Preview

On April 16th, the Uprising map pack is set to be release for the Xbox 360 but avid zombie lovers are Creaming in their pants over one specific thing in general. Yeah all four of the new multiplayer maps look amazing but to us who have been around in the Call of Duty market; it is just the same old song and dance. What really has people all hot and excited is the new Zombie map: Mob of the Dead.

Treyarch’s Zombies mode has taken us to many places, from the war torn battlefields of World War 2, all the way to even the Moon and Area 51.  This map is similar to one the we saw previous in the original Black Ops called Call of the Dead with special celebrity guests to voice the new characters. This map takes place on the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco, California. Arguably the most famous prison in all of history. Alcatraz is known for it  tight places inducing claustrophobia. To get an idea of Alcatraz, Treyarch staff went to visit Alcatraz rather than reading about it in books or internet, so that they could “Feel the Environment.” The took the basic layout of the island and went from there for player friendly environments, some that visitors could not normally visit. Their goal for this map was to enhance the psychological horror aspect.

This time around there will be side missions but this time not solely for the Easter egg. There is an escape plan and the goal is for players to get the parts and assemble them in order to build a plane so they can get of the island. New to this zombies map is a contextual music based off of a survival horror aspect, meaning with new places comes unfamiliar sounds.

Now lets disclose the celebrity guest actors and the characters they play. Ray Liotta plays the character called Billy Handsome, who is a psychopath. He is employed by the mob to kill people in interesting ways. Chazz Palmiteri plays the character called Sal Deluca, an old mob boss. Michael Madsen playing the character called Finn O’Leary, starting out on the streets gets his hands dirty a couple of times. Then finally Joe Pantoliano playing the character Arthur Arlington whose nickname is the weasel. These four guys bring a sort of realism to the zombies map because it is trying to establish that it is going on during the  1920′s/ 1930′s known as the Prohibition Era. All four of which were trying to escape from the island the night the infection broke out.

New to this zombies is Afterlife mode. Players will actually start out in afterlife mode unaware of what is actually going on. From the second you start, you will be trying to unravel the mystery of what is going on. For those unfortunates souls who fall victim to the zombie attack, Afterlife provides a way that players can continue to play will not have to wait on while others to finish the round, but during it they will little takes and goals to achieve or do while in spectral form. There will be little hints and indicators throughout the map. Also new is the form of powering up things, during the afterlife players can use spectral energy to power things up. There will also be a regular power source as well but the spectral energy format will probably be used for areas that the power system was disabled.

Making its return to the zombies world, last seen on Ascension is purchasable traps. So far to be shown are the fan trap and the acid trap. The fan trap is similar to the Flogger back in Shi No Numa in which it spins in circle but this time rather than flinging the enemy it just slices them into tiny little pieces. The next trap to be featured is the acid trap, in which sprinkler systems spew acid out to melt the flesh of those unlucky corpses to be caught in its fire. A utility similar to the zipline of Shi No Numa, players will be transported in what seems to be like a cable car.

Alcatraz has sort of a Civil War like fort background to it before it was a prison. So Treyarch decided to implement a civil war aspect into the story, in which the warden was a collector of Civil War weaponry. One is a fictional weapon known as the Blundergat, which is a cross between  a Blunderbuss and a Gatling Gun. Making their first ever appearance in zombies are the Ak-47 and Mini Uzi. Then the LSAT, first seen on Nuketown ,and the Tommy Gun, last seen on Der Rise, are making a reoccurring role into the zombies universe.

Then there is one big main zombie, which is quite similar to George Romero from Call of the Dead. It will lock down the perk machine and close down the box so you will have to pay to get it open again. The zombies in this map have glowing red eyes meaning that neither Samantha nor Richtofen is controlling them, Then there is a new perk called Electric Cherry. When you reload it sends out an electric shock that will stack over time. There seems like there might be a build-able similar to  the riot-shield on Tranzit.

Uprising and Mob of the Dead come out on April 16th for Xbox 360, so people start running to get your points now!


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