Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag – Gameplay Reveal Trailer

The year is 1750, and outlaws rule the Carribean Sea. Here you are at the helm of adventure unlike any other. Charting your own course through a treacherous world. Where events are unpredictable, and outcomes are uncertain. Set sail for exotic ports from Havana to Kingston and explore uncharted islands, each harboring their own mysteries. Edward Kenway is feared by the authorities and pirates. Kenway’s hunger for infamy and riches inspires a fierce loyalty amongst his crew. A pirate trained by assassin. He must chart his own course between chaos and freedom. The next chapter in the Assassins Creed experience challenges you to learn, adapt, prevail, and eventually to stand amongst the legends of this unique time in history. This is a test, not simply of brawn but of ingenuity. Matching your skills against these diversities on land and sea. For a brief shinning moment in history, a select breed truly lived free. Join them under the Black Flag of Assassins Creed 4!

This video brings up various questions. Could the Assassins Creed franchise have a change to their current way of conveying their story? Could there be a choice system implemented similar to the Fallout, Elder Scrolls , or Mass Effect series? If so that would mean alternate endings, different alliances potentially being formed. It would be a new feature to the Assassin’s Creed franchise and would increase replay value. Also since it will be the tale of a pirate, the question is will most of the fighting be on the sea or like previous games in the franchise be mainly on land?


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