Third-Person Shooter

KidIcarusUprising 2

Kid Icarus: Uprising Hands-on Multiplayer Preview

Kid Icarus: Uprising was a title originally slated for a release title for the Nintendo 3DS; however, it got pushed back leaving fans wondering when they will get to hear more of this popular title….

MaxPayne3 1

Detail on Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Details about the multiplayer mode in Max Payne 3 have fully come into view. Being devoted on keeping the series focus original, the developers announced a new mode called “Gang Wars”. Multiplayer mode is highly…

Max Payne 3 Special Edition

Max Payne 3 – Special Edition Details

Rockstar Games has just recently announces the Special Edition for Max Payne 3. It includes quite a bundle for $100 and it is only while supplies last. In fact you can only pre-order before January…