Third-Person Shooter

Epic Games May be Taking Interest in FPS Genre

August 6, 2012

Epic Games is known for the Gears of War series. This series has been a leading title in the third-person shooter genre for years but now the company has mentioned moving on to first-person shooters. [...]

Resident Evil 6 – Hands-On Preview

June 16, 2012

When Resident Evil 5 was released, I personally thought it was a great game. However I could not help but agree with hardcore Resident Evil fans that it was indeed much different than previous games, [...]

Hybrid for XBLA, Trailer and Beta Signup

March 20, 2012

Hybrid is an Xbox Live Arcade title that will be coming out soon and you can sign up for the closed beta here. The beta will take place in late April. By doing so you will have the opportunity to [...]

Detail on Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

December 14, 2011

Details about the multiplayer mode in Max Payne 3 have fully come into view. Being devoted on keeping the series focus original, the developers announced a new mode called “Gang Wars”. [...]

Max Payne 3 – Special Edition Details

November 21, 2011

Rockstar Games has just recently announces the Special Edition for Max Payne 3. It includes quite a bundle for $100 and it is only while supplies last. In fact you can only pre-order before January [...]