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Hey Blissers, its been a while since we’ve done a game review, so why not review an older game that… Read More »

By Heather Spears, February 27, 2014 0 , , , ,

Today, Telltale Games has released a brand new trailer for their popular game, The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2. In this installment title “A House Divided” players will be wrapped up farther in Clementine’s new story and begin to… Read More »

By Ben Wright, July 12, 2013 0 Editorials

“The Art of Gaming, pshhh ABSURD!”-Lots of people, probably with top-hats and monocles… Video Games, when asked about them, most people would say that they’re nothing more than games for kids or for childish adults, but with The Last of Us… Read More »

By Ben Wright, July 2, 2013 0 DLC, iPad, iPhone, PC, PS Vita, PSN, Xbox Live

Yup, that’s right folks, while eagerly awaiting news about the DLC follow up to Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead” The episodic sleeper hit, winner of multiple “Game of the Year” Awards, and just an all around amazing game, they went… Read More »

By Ben Wright, June 7, 2013 1 E3, News, PC, PS3, Rumors, Trailers, Xbox 360

With E3 creeping up we here at GamersBliss are crazy excited to see what this next evolution of gaming is going to bring. This past year we have seen some amazing titles and a real shift in gaming to more character-driven stories… Read More »

By Heather Spears, March 22, 2013 0 Game Releases, News, PS Vita

The renowned game developed by Telltale games is making its début on the PlayStation Vita. The Walking Dead was the winner of multiple ‘Game of the Year Awards’ and a game that showed players immense amounts of emotion while surviving… Read More »

By Heather Spears, March 18, 2013 4 Editorials, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

What’s a hero without a sidekick? In almost every video game the main character has some kind of supporting character to help them along their way. Rather that supporting character be someone who is stuck to the other character the… Read More »

By Heather Spears, January 7, 2013 1 Editorials, PS3, Xbox 360

Gamers have grown to love Xbox’s achievement system, as well as, PlayStations trophy system. These two reward systems make playing your favorite all the more enjoyable by adding a way to show off your ‘skills’ to your friends. These little… Read More »

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The Walking Dead: Episode 3 once again puts us into the shoes of Lee Everett and his journey through the… Read More »

By Heather Spears, July 9, 2012 1 Editorials, PC, PS3, PSN, Xbox 360

The title The Walking Dead is quickly growing in the video game industry. This name has been no stranger to comic book fans and of course fans of the AMC television series but in the recent days the name has… Read More »

By Jim Girgenti, June 30, 2012 0 DLC, Game Releases, iPad, Mac, News, PC, PS3, PSN, Videos, Xbox 360

The second episode for Telltale Games hit series The Walking Dead which started off with a flood of great reviews, including our own is now available fort the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It is entitled ‘Starved for Help’… Read More »

By Shaun Ray, June 12, 2012 0 E3, Impressions, Mac, News, PC, Previews, PS3, Xbox 360

It is no mistake that TellTale Games makes some of the best episodic gaming content out there.  This can be found with the Back to the Future, Sam and Max, as well as Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventure.  They are… Read More »

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The Walking Dead game which you can play on Xbox Live (Arcade), the PC, Playstation 3 (PSN), Mac OS X… Read More »

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TellTale Games has done well in the past with releasing Back to the Future in episodes and just recently Jurassic Park. The team is taking advantage of this aspect now by implementing it with the pre-order bonus for the game… Read More »

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Here is the official debut trailer for The Walking Dead game from TellTale Games. TellTale Games did the Back to the Future Series of game episodes which were absolutely amazing, which I reviewed as well as the Jurassic Park game…. Read More »