Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row V- The Expected Direction

September 3, 2013

Saints Row V- The Expected Direction (This article contains spoilers for the Saints Row series particularly Saints Row IV; please read with caution) The release of Saints Row IV has come and gone [...]

Top 5 things in Gaming we Wish were Real

April 12, 2013

Have you ever once sat there playing one of your favorite games while wishing something on that particular game was real? It happens to the best of us and because this is such a common thing for [...]

Fan Outrage Aims Fire at Saints Row IV

March 25, 2013

Saints Row IV has been a huge buzz in the gaming industry since the teaser trailer was shown last week. While there are some who show excitement for the senseless, corny spinoff, true fans of the [...]

Top 10 Sexiest Outfits In Gaming

January 3, 2013

Video game women are well known for wearing sexy outfits.  These ladies really know how to catch an eye with their unique wardrobe pieces. Some are scantily clad while others keep it classy. Some [...]

10 Things Fans Miss from Saints Row’s Past

September 18, 2012

Saints Row is one of those series that has change significantly throughout the years. It is a common complaint among fans of previous game on how cheesy Saints Row: The Third was while other newer [...]

What are gamers playing on Xbox 360?

May 24, 2012

Major Nelson has revealed the activity for Xbox Live users for the week of May 14th, 2012. Well here are the results straight from his blog are the games Xbox 360 players are playing.  You might be [...]
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