Game Releases

Zero Sum Games Announce StarDrive 2

Stardrive 2 Announced for Steam

The real-time 4X strategy game StarDrive is getting a sequel, StarDrive 2. Again, Iceberg Interactive and Zero Sum Games have teamed up to create this new masterpiece. StarDrive 2 will be a revolutionary turn-based sequel…

Payday 2

Payday 2 gets Bigger with Retail Copies

Previously stricken to digital download, 505 Games and Overkill Software has announced that the popular sequel to Payday: The Heist will be making its way to retail disks. This news is wonderful for fans of…

The Sims 4

5 Features Needed in The Sims 4

  When The Sims hit the scene back in 2000, it felt like simulations couldn’t get anymore–well, real. The ability to create your own character, build their environment, and weave a story around them made…