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Its that time of the year again. No I am not referring to Thanksgiving or even Christmas. I am referring  Spike VGX Awards. Last night, Spike’s VGX awards ceremony was live streamed throughout the world online, bypassing their usual television broadcast…. Read More »

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Far Cry 3 released last year and was easily one of the top shooters to hit consoles and PC. This… Read More »

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Far Cry 3 is getting a weird quirky spin off which oddly enough is set in the future, 2007… errr wait a min. Yep, this is how bizarre and ridiculous the title is and with a May 1st release date,… Read More »

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The first ever new screenshots for the upcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon have been leaked. If you have seen any of these screenshots you are probably asking yourself the same thing we are; ‘Ubisoft, what the heck is going… Read More »