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By Marcus White, November 7, 2012 1 DLC, Game Releases, News, Previews, PS3, Xbox 360

Ubisoft confirms that the Order is about to get a lot bigger with a much-needed and well thought out Assassins Creed: Anthology (Pending Title probably) who do you think wouldn’t pay money for the journey through history with gaming’s best… Read More »

By Sarah Spears, August 2, 2012 1 Editorials

Video Games are filled with some of the sexiest men in the entertainment industry. These men are like action stars but better. Gamers grow attachments to these characters as if they personally know them. They are strong and capable of… Read More »

By Shaun Ray, July 1, 2012 2 3DS, Editorials, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii-U, Xbox 360

Gaming has blessed us with some of the greatest heroes in the past couple of decades.  Yet one trend find our heroes getting well a little older, a little wiser.   The majority of these badass characters have appeared in multiple… Read More »