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Top 5 Nintendo Songs of ALL TIME!

July 19, 2013

Nintendo has been getting a bad rap (see what I did there?) lately, low Wii U sales etc., so let’s look back at some of our favorite lyrical/melodic moments of Nintendo History. Nintendo has a [...]

Top 5 Most Annoying Rare Characters

May 20, 2013

Rareware was the powerhouse video game development team of the 90’s. This game company has made some of gaming’s biggest and best games over the years. The games Rare made were powerful and [...]

Top 5 Horniest Women in Gaming

October 4, 2012

There a many types of women in gaming. There are the badass ladies to the damsel in distress type. The love interests to the cool sidekick to those over intercom; all these types of women appear in [...]