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Avast, Its Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Review (, , , , )
April 7, 2014 -

Crystal blue waters, a variety of wildlife, a rich, vibrant culture, and beautiful tropical locations, cover them in the blood… Read More »

Titanfall – Bring the Ruckus ()
March 20, 2014 -

It’s been about 4 years since Vince Zampella and Jason West left Infinity Ward and started their newest project, Respawn… Read More »

Telltale The Walknig Dead A House Divided Review
The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 “A House Divided”- Restored Hope (, , , )
March 4, 2014 -

This week, Telltale Games brings players yet another very impressive installment to The Walking Dead series. Season 2 Episode 2… Read More »

South Park: The Stick of truth published by Ubisoft Review Ps3 Box Art
South Park: The Stick of Truth is hella cooooo’ (, , )
March 4, 2014 -

South Park: The Stick of Truth delivers an amazing RPG experience that equates to playing the show,

Telltale The Walknig Dead Season 2 Episode 1 box art
The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1- A Step too Far (, , )
February 17, 2014 -

Telltales The Walking Dead has become one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2012. Players fell in love with… Read More »

Bioshock: Burial at Sea Ends Up Dry (, , , )
November 19, 2013 -

Bioshock: Infinite came out at the start of what I’m now dubbing the gaming awards season, as it was quickly… Read More »

Call of Duty: Ghosts PC – A Fiery Car Crash ()
November 13, 2013 -

Please note that is exclusively a review for the PC version of Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is not reflective… Read More »

Rayman Legends- Running through Improved Territory (, , , )
September 1, 2013 -

Rayman is back with a brand new adventure in Rayman Legends. This fast-paced 2D platformer is the sequel to Ubisoft’s… Read More »

Saints Row IV- An Original Fans Yes and No (, , )
August 14, 2013 -

Before you read this review understand that it was written by a fan of the Saints Row series. The review… Read More »

Black Ops 2 Review
COD: BO2 Vengeance Map Pack Review (, , , )
August 13, 2013 -

Black Ops 2 map pack Vengeance is out now and is out for revenge. Vengeance map pack is the third… Read More »

Borderlands 2 DLC – Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dungeon Keep (, , , )
July 5, 2013 -

So we have finally come to what appears to be the fourth and final campaign DLC release for Borderlands 2… Read More »

7 Grand Steps ()
July 5, 2013 -

7 Grand Steps by Mousechief is a deeply engaging, and somewhat tedious, story of early civilization and the development of a family blood line throughout the ages.

Gundog – Dog gun’ Good ()
July 2, 2013 -

Gundog is a team-based, cel-shaded PVP game set in a World War II type setting, with players choosing to fight for either the Union or the Empire. With six classes to choose from, this third person shooter provides tons of fun for every play style. The game modes are your typical fare but done in such a way that makes them seem fresh, and as the title implies, you get to play as a dog!

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, Anything but Mystical (, , , )
June 21, 2013 -

Gone are the days where you would go to the arcade with a bag or sock full of quarters and… Read More »

Rush Bros. Review: Don’t Rush to Rush Bros. ()
June 21, 2013 -

Rush Bros is a 2-d platformer with great visuals and amazing soundtrack that sadly falls short due to clunky controls and inconsistent matchmaking.