Titanfall – Bring the Ruckus

8 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 7/10

Addictive, Fun Gameplay, Great New Concept for Multiplayer

Not Very Well Optimized, Lack of Content

It’s been about 4 years since Vince Zampella and Jason West left Infinity Ward and started their newest project, Respawn Entertainment. Since that time they have been hard at work, alongside EA, to deliver their newest game, Titanfall. The newest hopeful in the large arena of military FPS’s, Titanfall hopes to take down the current monopoly of Call of Duty and Battlefield. With its innovative gameplay, Titanfall could do just that. While the gameplay is certainly refreshing for a FPS, Titanfall comes short of being able to take down the current giants.


The objective in Titanfall is simple. Accumulate enough points in order to receive your Titan, a giant mech soldier, and destroy the other team. Depending on the game mode your exact objectives will differ. Gameplay consists of wallrunning, jumping, and agility. The new gaemplay is a refreshing break from the traditional run and gun styles of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Players will have to use their environment to outsmart their enemies to win the game. A noticeable difference from other FPS’s is the inclusion of grunts and spectres. Grunts and spectres act as NPC characters on all the maps. While they are fairly useless in most gamemodes, they play a huge role in Titanfall’s deathmatch mode. Teams are limited to 6 players a side, while many think this is not enough, it is actually the perfect balance of action and fairness. Titanfall also includes a multiplayer campaign mode, which takes about 4-5 hours to complete both factions. The campaign is basically regular multiplayer with cutscenes and a “story”. My friend and I decided to take the campaign on in one sitting, we both still have no idea what exactly happened in the supposed “story” of Titanfall.


For a next gen title, Titanfall looks fairly decent. I don’t expect much from a shooter, but the game runs somewhat poor on PC. The textures look good, player models are detailed, and weapons also look really good. The sounds of Titanfall are great aswell, from the battle chatter, to weapon sounds, and the Titans themselves. My biggest complaint would be the lack of FOV slider past 90. While 90 is acceptable, I would have liked a slider up to 110.

While Titanfall can defiantly compete with the current big guns of the genre, it will come nowhere near defeating them. For a $60 price tag I would have expected a full single player campaign, more then 10 primary weapons, and more customization options. Titanfall is a blast to play, but it feels very bare bones. Another major problem is the complete lack of addictiveness. Playing Titanfall was fun, but there is no incentive to keep playing for long periods of time. Titanfall is a blast to play, but until Titanfall 2 drops, with hopefully more features, Titanfall is not going to get even close to defeating the current giants of the genre.


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