The Last of Us: Left Behind- An Interesting Outcome

Ellie and Riley The Last of Us Lesbian
9.5 Overall Score
Story: 9/10
Game Play: 9/10
Graphics: 10/10

Intriguing relationship between character, Deeper look into story, appropriate length for DLC

Confusing placement of events in conjunction with actual game

The time has come; Naughty Dog has released their first single-player based DLC for their critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us. Coming from the studio behind renowned Jak and Daxter, fan favorite Uncharted and the beloved Crash Bandicoot, The Last of Us was never doubted to be a success and its DLC is no different. This highly awaited DLC featured a deeper look into Ellie. Players will witness more hardships within The Last of Us’ twisted world and just how painful it would be for a child to grow up in it. Follow the story of Ellie as she is reunited with a friend/mentor, Riley. You will see the character like you have never seen here before. The Last of Us: Left Behind has proven to not only be a perfectly fitting DLC for The Last of Us but it has also proven to throw in great surprises for the player and gamers on the edge of their seat for what comes next.

The game play in The Last of Us: Left Behind is crafted perfectly. This DLC is played very similar to The Last of Us with upgraded mechanics and minor but fitting tweaks. In The Last of US: Left Behind we were pleased to see that the challenge of multi-function combat was added. In Left Behind, it is common for players to face the intensity of Infected and Infected in the same battle. This was more than pleasing as it added to the challenge of the game which combined stealth and action in a perfect way. The game play of The Last of Us: Left Behind was a pleasing upgrade to what was experienced in the actual game.

Graphics of The Last of Us: Left Behind seemed improved to a degree of near perfection. Specifically in cut-scenes and centered around Ellies best friend Riley, these were some of the most life like graphics that have ever been seen in gaming. Not only did it look good but the characters movements didn’t seem restricted. You could see character reactions, when they felt pain you could see the expression change on their face to display that pain; whether it be physical or mental. The Last of Us: Left Behind had graphics that were simply breathtaking; something deserving of the highest praise.

The Last of Us: Left Behind also follows an impressive and surprising story. The player will dive deep into a narrative that displays a side of Ellie that is hardly seen. With spoilers aside, there will be parts that are shocking and controversial but actually very fitting for the game and setting. Naughty Dogs attempts to capture what would happen if this circumstance where actually happening in modern society and they do an even more amazing job with that in Left Behind than in The Last of Us.

Unfortunately during the start of Left Behind the timing of events seem off. It can be confusing to the player, especially a player who hasn’t played the game for a long time. If the DLC released closer to when the game was the best thing around we could feel that players would have understood and connected to the DLC much easier.
In order to connect fully to The Last of Us: Left Behind narrative we would recommend reading The Last of Us American Dreams comic. This comic connects directly with the characters and you will come to a better understanding of the humor within the game if you read the comic.

In conclusion, this is a perfect DLC for a great game like The Last of Us. This DLC stride so close to flawless that it’s almost scary. If you thought The Last of Us was good, Left Behind just added to the critically acclaimed titles perfection. This is a step up for DLC in general. The Last of US: Left Behind ups the stakes in DLC as it released with improvements which is rare in DLC. If you haven’t done so yet, play The Last of Us: Left Behind, it will leave you thinking about it and questioning your own morals by the end.


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