The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

9.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Story: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10

Some of the best details in a game, Gameplay is addictive, Great Story.

Glitches abound in the land of Skyrim be warned!


Are you ready to learn the ancient language of the dragons?

Then get ready to shout your best Thu’um.

Dust off your armor and bring your best potions because The Elder Scrolls is back with its fifth gamed dubbed Skyrim.  If you’re a fan of fantasy this game is for you.  Upon the moment you load this game you’re greeted by the Elder Scrolls theme song that’s sung in the dragon language the Thu’um.  Which sounds like a Christmas carol with the most brawn looking men you can think of shouting sweet screams into your ear.  And this is just the main menu which has testosterone all over it.

The Dragons return to Skyrim! Skyrim


Ancient dragons have returned to send Skyrim in peril, and what do you know a hero arises.  Not just any hero though you will take control of the legendary dragonborn!  Who is a descendent of the ancient nords and other species found in Skyrim.  Their power is the ability to speak in Thu’um which allows you to have special powers that regenerate after each shout.  The cool thing though is that you’re learning the language as you progress throughout the game.  So you start off with a Lvl 1 Thu’um called Fire Breath at the end of the game you’re allowed to obtain Fire Breath Lvl 3 so yes breathing fire is now 3 times as badass.  This is Skyrim’s greatest concept, the ability to start off weak but at the end of the game which really has no end you feel like Conan the barbarian, with buff fingers.

Your quest starts off with you in shackles caught by the Imperials.  Being interrogated as you create your character is both engaging and rewarding as you get to hear the guards talk back to your character at the choices you create.  Eventually, the return of the dragons ruin everything and you begin your journey finding out the secrets of the dragons and yourself as a dragonborn.  From here on out its game on, this game has so much going on its like playing a whole lord of the rings trilogy and the hobbit, even if it doesn’t come out until next year. Skyrim is a huge sandbox littered with ancient demon weapons; dwarven caves rendered in ice and of course the elf forest.  From this point on you are allowed to choose to do whatever you want.  Want to do the main quest?  You can, or do you just want to start hunting deer and elk to sell to the local merchant.  Doing anything and everything in Skyrim benefits you as you will level up your skills and light up your skill trees all reflecting, the oh so important thing in any RPG your overall level.

He shouldn't of called my mom that. Skyrim


Bethesda has put an extreme amount of effort in this project.  Experiencing the graphics coupled with the sound, it is obvious that the developers put a lot of time into the game. This is found with the inclusion of some of some of the best voice over work in a game.  It does help knowing you have some of Hollywood’s top names.  A la Max von Sydow, Joan Allen, and Christopher Plummer just to name a few of Skyrim’s 70+ voice actors.  There is no better feeling than walking to your next town picking flowers and then you hear the wings of a dragon circling over head, or a bandit gang coming to steal all of your goods and leave you for dead.  The simple sound of unsheathing your sword is music to the ears. It really sounds like it gets sharper every time.  The graphics are nothing short of stunning; this truly feels like a next gen game.  Some highlights include full libraries of past history in the Elder Scrolls series and books on how to kill trolls and other monsters.  Trust me after reading that book you’ll leave every troll burnt to a crisp, and you’ll look good doing it.  Some of this game’s best moments come with the ability to simple be stunned. Travelling at night is one of these highlights as the two moons come up you will truly feel that you are in a foreign world.  Scaling mountains or admiring the water falling to the ground trying to dive into the blue abyss.  Which most of the times leads to your demise but hey it was worth a shot.  With that comes some gripes found in Skyrim.  Some of the glitches in Skyrim take away from the experience.  There is no way I can explain dragons that fly backwards or mammoths that get stunk in the geometry and suddenly fly off the planet.  With the exception of these setbacks, your time in this foreign land will want to make you book a flight again and again.  This is only true because of its game play.

Playing this game is addicting, ask my boss I called in 5 times just to play this beautiful beast of a game.  There is always something to do in Skyrim; the amount of content simply boggles my mind.  The game consists of 3 different bars a health bar which shows how much life you have, a magic bar which allows you to cast healing and destruction spells, and your stamina bar which allows you to run and swing your axe, sword or war hammer.  This game adapts to how you play, want to get better at archery grab a bow and arrows and play some cupid.  After using your bow so many times your Archery skill will increase by 1 skill level.  This in turn will give you experience points which fill your Overall level.  The cool thing about this is that you’re always getting better at this game simply by playing it.  Some of the skills you can level up are: destruction, pick pocketing, lock picking, armors, two handed weapons, one handed weapons, and archery just to name a few.  This also brings up the fact that you don’t level up by completing quests or killing bad or good guys which is weird at first but makes sense in the end.  After all wouldn’t you wanted to be rewarded with a badass dagger from a demon that can instantly kill enemies no matter how tough they are, uh yes please.  The leveling here is addicting and if your tough enough your able to reap the rewards of some of the best battle mages in Whiterun.

Bambi comes to mind. Skyrim


Overall if you get past the glitches found in the land of Skyrim, you will find this game is a blast to play.  A game that pushes the hardware your on to the max and does a damn good job doing it. Bethesda is working on patching the glitches as it has already had 2 patches in the past 2 months regarding these issues.  With that I would have to say The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best games if not the best game to come out in 2011.  There is so much content in this game that not all of it could be covered in this review or else I would have to have written a novel.  Do yourself a favor and pick this one up as its one of today’s best pieces found in todays world of gaming.


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  1. Mitchel Danielson July 6, 2012 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    love this game

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