The Adventures of Tintin: The Game- Review

TheAdventuresofTintin 4
6/10 Overall Score
Storyline: 6/10
Co-op: 7/10
Game Play: 5/10

Cooperative mode, relaxing/ noncompetitive, Motion Control

Controls are sensitive, Seems like you would enjoy the game a lot more if you have seen or liked the movie

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game is based on Paramount Pictures highly anticipated film about a boy and his dog who get caught up in a mysterious adventure. This game includes three different game modes; solo, cooperative and challenge mode. The Adventures of Tintin: The Game is wonderful for children and the integration of motion controls with the Wii, Kinect and PlayStation move makes it easy to control. This adventure game will allow fans to immerse themselves into the world of Tintin in every way imaginable. The game will prove to be a delight to fans of the Tintin book series, the upcoming Tintin movie and children however if you are not familiar with Tintin then you may feel lost.

Solo mode will put you in the shoes of a young reporter named Tintin and his trusty sidekick; a little white dog named Snowy. The game closely follows the events that take place in the movie, giving the player a chance to experience the films amiable environments and recognize familiar character. Solo game play is a mix between exploration, puzzle-solving and platform type game play. The Adventures of Tintin: The Game allows players to take control of the hero, Tintin, as well as other main characters throughout the game.

I found solo mode to be somewhat enjoyable to play through, thou I do not know much about the series. At some points I found that the characters were talking about something I didn’t know about which left me somewhat lost. Everything but the story seemed simple enough which makes the game perfect for younger kids despite the ESRB rating of E10+. The game is strictly for fans of the series and younger children.

Cooperative mode takes place in a dream like state of Captain Haddock. The Captain is experiencing this dream after being hit in the head and getting knocked out. You take part in his dream along with a friend in finding collectables that allow you to unlock new outfits, costumes, characters and badges. Cooperative mode is separate from that of the single player story mode so the storyline is not what you will be playing through with a friend. I found the co-op in The Adventures of Tintin: The Game to be a lot more fun than the solo storyline.

In cooperative mode you will take the roll of a Tintin or Captain Haddock to work your way in collecting collectables in various levels in order to unlock new characters, treasures and bonuses.  Each character has a unique ability that aids you in collecting the treasure used to buy new outfits and things. I also appreciated that you and your co-op partner collect treasure and at the end of the level it goes into one fund so that you can use a combined amount of treasure to buy new things that both players can use. This way the mode is less competitive making it and enjoyable and relaxing gaming experience. Cooperative mode is a classic work together to unlock new things type of experience.

Challenge mode is set up in three different parts; sword fighting, air plane tasks, and side-car challenges. Each of these houses a new experience that will add more play time to the game. Sword fighting is a set of challenges where the player takes the roll of a pirate and slays other pirates while protecting themselves within a time limit. The air-plane challenges are separated into three parts. You can choose to fly your plane through checkpoints, play capture the flag or eliminate opponents within a time limit. The side-car challenges are also separated into three different parts; a time trial motorcycle race, a race where you are dodging debris while your AI ally is shooting at competitors, and a challenge where you are shooting and your AI side-kick is driving around fallen debris. This mode is fun although playing with or against your friends would have enhanced the experience.

Overall The Adventures of Tintin: The Game was okay; coming from someone who does not know the series. I think that this game would hold a child’s attention very well as it was greatly aimed to entertain kids. Fans of the Tintin series will find the game to be enjoyable and the cooperative mode is almost fun for anyone who wants to relax and play through a simple challenge while winding down there day. The game is rather good with how bad ‘movie games’ reputation seem to get in the world of gaming.


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