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Star Trek: The Game Review
3.5 Overall Score
Story: 3/10
Gameplay: 3/10
Graphics: 4/10

All-Star Cast on the Enterprise

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At first look Star Trek: The Game could potentially breathe new life into a non-existent gaming franchise. Like other licensed games Star Trek can’t seem to catch a break with the exception of a few titles such as the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, a title which came out over a decade ago. Could this reboot of the franchise break new ground and capture the same success the movie box office hit did?

Story | 3 |

It has been four years since J.J. Abrams successfully hit box office theaters with a reboot of the hit TV and Movie Series Star Trek in 2009. Based on the show created by Gene Roddenberry in the 60′s the show has become a sensation in American pop culture. Star Trek: The Video Game picks up shortly after the film left off with the alien Vulcan Species looking to create a colony on a planet dubbed New Vulcan.

the Gorn Star Trek

In order to do so the pointy eared humanoids are using a device called Helios to create an environment they are accustomed to. Unfortunately for the Vulcans the device also leaves various rips in space which allow the Gorn, an alien reptile species made famous by the famed TV series, to make an appearance. Players will assume the roles of either Captain Kirk or Spock of the USS Enterprise to uncover the mystery of the Helios device and find out why the Gorn are attacking the Vulcans.

Gameplay | 3 |

After much excitement and enthusiasm for this game being a fan myself of Star Trek, I must boldly go where none of you should. Star Trek is a game that has borrowed various elements of gameplay from other games such as Dead Space, Batman Arkham City, and even Mass Effect. Sadly for gamers these similarities end at the presence of generic gameplay. Star Trek is full of the most mundane tasks found in any game. Getting power cells to open doors, hacking, scanning for evidence and having various cover based shootouts.

What you will see in most of the game... zzzzz  Star Trek

Yep it is all here from games we have already played and yet some how it just keeps getting worse and worse. That is of course how you will feel if you chose to sign up for this starfleet mission. Aside from the basic gameplay mechanics you will find Kirk and Spock sneaking around space stations only to set your phaser to stun and incapacitate enemies for 5 seconds. It is then up to your AI or Co-Op partner to knock them out cold. Then again you could just blast your way through the levels as no consequences are found for killing everything in sight.

The Weapons of the game all feel similar and underpowered all of which seem to take 4-5 shots to put anything down, with the exception of headshots. On occasion both Spock and Kirk will have to cooperate during scripted events. Such as deactivating lasers in order to have one player progress further. Or having another on a medic table for surgery while the other defends the two with his phaser. Trust me when I say it isn’t as fun as it sounds. If really need some boring entertainment tune into CSPAN or play Star Trek: The Video Game.

Co-Op is great but after playing you will quickly find some gamers just want to runaway after 30 minutes of playing the game. It isn’t that it is unplayable, it is because it is so unbelievably boring. Games are suppose to be fun, engaging, filled with tons of amazing environments, keeping us coming back for more. Star Trek: The Video Game feels more like a homework assignment for a political science class, with too much politics and not enough science. You know a game is bad when you enter a room and it looks exactly the same as the one you were just in. With the same item that could be scanned to give you very little insight on what is happening in the game. Gamers also control the Enterprise, but after a few minutes of this you will quickly wish you hadn’t.

Graphics | 4 |

The best thing about this game is the graphics. Yet sadly that isn’t saying much about the game. Christopher Pine and the rest of the cast reprise their roles as the crew and are faithfully recreated in the game. The cast does an amazing job as far as voice over work is concerned and showcases the amazing talent behind the Star Trek reboot.

Captain Kirk Star Trek

It all comes crashing down after that however, as stated earlier the environments fail to capture anything that brings the gamer into the experience. Companion AI is almost as terrible as Aliens: Colonial Marines as help will only come once you are downed. It is fascinating that this source material and the great work by the voice acting is wrapped in a mess of bugs, glitches and generic graphics.

Final Verdict | 3.5 |

Star Trek: The Video Game fails to enter warp speed, in fact the game doesn’t even take off. If you are looking to purchase this game for $60 dollars be warned that you won’t be getting your money back. With expectations of something similar to Mass Effect and 2-3 years of development time. This game is by far the biggest let down of the year so far. Don’t let this game ruin your movie experience of Star Trek: Into Darkness.


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