Remember Me

Remember Me - Review - Box Art
8 Overall Score
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Storyline: 9/10

Very creative, original but futuristic story, easy gameplay mechanics, good soundtrack.

No multiplayer, could have had more length to it which would have made it much better.

    In the year 2084 you take on the role of Nilin, a memory hunter from Neo-Paris.  She could be described as a cross between Lara Croft from Tomb Raider [British accent, a lot of attitude] and Faith from Mirrors Edge [amazing acrobatic skills, as well as the short hair].  In this age memories are no longer sacred.  They are stored and shared and have become a form of currency.  The Memorize Corporation holds a monopoly over the sharing of memories through the use of a technology known as Sensens.  It is through these devices that memory stealing has also given rise and in the case of Nilin, memory remixing.  With this ability, Nilin is able to change the way people remember events.  This proves to be a useful tool in her mission and that of the other memory hunters to sabotage Memorize.


    The story begins with Nilin locked in jail having her memories siphoned away.  Though the process was supposed to completely wipe her memories, she resisted enough to remember her name and retain her fighting spirit.  Whilst on the way to have her remaining memories taken as well, Nilin is contacted by someone who knows all about her.  Going by the name of Edge, he helps Nilin escape and get back on the path to sabotaging Memorize.  After suiting up she sets off to find her memories and free her captured comrades.

    Traversing in Remember Me offers a familiar ledge grabbing and wall climbing style, with a simple puzzle here and there.  If you’re a completionist, you’ll have your hands full though during these times as there are plenty of collectibles to get.  Finding two of the sets of collectibles, the SAT Patches and Focus Boosts, are made easier by the ingenious idea of putting screens in the game with a picture of their location.  One just needs to be mindful of their surroundings to find those.


The combat of Remember Me features a unique game style that offers a smooth use of combos by showing each buttons pressed in real-time on the screen.  This system works well for those good and bad at combos through the use Pressens.  Special powers that Nilin remembers throughout the game that players can customize combos with.  There are different types of Pressens: Power Pressens increase the damage of attacks, Regen Pressens heal Nilin each time they are activated, Cooldown Pressens allow for a quicker cooldown of Nilin’s S-Pressens, and the rarest of the Pressens, Chain Pressens which take the form of the previous Pressen in the combo and multiplies it.  Combos are built with the use of the various Pressen types.  The player therefore has the freedom to build combos that focus on power, healing, cooldown, or for big combo bars a little of everything, depending on what is unlocked.  Therefore, even if you have a little trouble getting those combos right in the heat of battle, you can just pack the beginning of the chains with Power Pressens and smack the heck out of the bad guys!  But if you’re good at it, there are rewards for completing chains.  For one thing the Pressens get stronger the further they are in the combo and for another completing long combos give more experience.


As for the S-Pressens mentioned earlier, they are a special brand of Pressens, which as I said can be used more frequently by the use of Cooldown Pressens. They are unique abilities that Nilin possesses.  The use of these abilities can drastically help win any battle throughout the game.  These attacks along with the handy-dandy gadgets given along the way offer fun battles.

    Remember Me is the whole package.  It offers fun gameplay, superb graphics, an enthralling plotline, a pretty good soundtrack and a kick-ass heroine!  It’s hard for me to find any problems with the game.  I did have two glitches occur, one where I popped out of the map and another where I lost sound.  But this could have also been from the console [Xbox] crying out because I couldn’t stop playing.  Finally, the game could use a little more length and it doesn’t have multiplayer, but is a great game for nearly any type of gamer!

This article was written in cooperation with Kerry Girgenti.


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