Quantum Conundrum

QuantumConundrum Box Art
7 Overall Score
Storyline: 6/10
Game Play: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10

Great puzzle solving, classic feeling, Player gets a lot of game play for small price

Difficult puzzles can get annoying

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person puzzle-platform game. The game was published by Square Enix and developed by Aritight Games, which was designed by Kim Swift; the former lead designer for the Portal series. Her knowledge and interests from the Portal series surly rubbed off on Quantum Conundrum, making this one of the more interesting arcades on the market. This game turned out to be a whole lot of innocent fun. From the puzzles to the fun little story Quantum Conundrum is a game that is well worth its small price tag. It provides players with a nearly full length game but presents itself as an arcade game. This isn’t a game where you are competitive with other players but a game that actually feels like you are forced to better your mind. The player has to think to get to the next room. You will end up switching through multiple dimensions in order to solve each puzzle and as the game progresses the puzzles and dimensions you are switching between get a lot harder. So, put on your thinking cap gamers; this game is a fun challenge.

The player takes the role of a young boy in this game. He is on a trip visiting his uncle, who happens to be an extremely inelegant scientist, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Unfortunately the professor was unprepared for this unexpected visit from his nephew and is in the middle of working on his next large experiment. When this experiment goes wrong Professor Quadwrangle gets trapped in-between dimensions and is suffering from memory loss as to what he had done to make the experiment go awry. The professor is able to see his nephew and aid him in his quest to solve the mystery. Because of the faulty experiment areas of the house are flux between dimensions where it becomes the player’s job to control properties and solve puzzles focused around these dimensions.

What is adored about the story of this game is how simple it is. It is left to the players mind to complicate things. Instead of saying this happened because of this and that, the player must use their mind to get to the next area and figure out what happened while making their own educated guesses along the way. Quantum Conundrum is a game that provides players with the simple interesting story every player wants without neglecting the fact that we are gamers and we want game play.

It is hard to explain this game in words because of its simple complexity. The player is granted the power to control the mansion’s dimensions. There is of course the average dimension that we live through everyday but then there are also sub dimensions like, fluffy, heavy, slow-motion and more. These dimensions become the fundamentals that the player utilizes to beat each puzzle and complete the game.

The fluffy dimension is one that turns everything around the player… fluffy. With that being said everything around the player is now a lot lighter and most objects can be lifted. Let’s put the player in a circumstance where there is a large fan at the end of one side of the room and a ledge at the other side of the room that is just a bit out of reach. When the fluffy dimension is used objects that would normally be too heavy to lift and too heavy for the fan to blow can now be lifted and blown away by the fans gust. Once the player places an item in front of the fan it will blow it over to the high ledge and the player would then be able to get themselves up that ledge.

Another circumstance that would be given to the player involving dimensions would be the need to switch between multiple dimensions in one puzzle. As the game progresses so puzzles get harder and the more dimensions must be used to complete the task. If the player is placed in a room with lasers they might need to pick up and object and move it in front of the lazars sight. The problem comes into play with having to use the fluffy dimension to move an object and that the lazar is harsher then the fluffy object and will destroy it on contact. What the player must do is toss the object and quickly switch to heavy dimension so that the laser doesn’t tear through the object which will grant an easy pass.

Quantum Conundrum is a game that the player has to learn how to play. There are games out there that the players must learn the controls/ect but not this one. In this game you have to learn the fundamentals of actually playing the game; how each puzzle can be solved, which dimensions you should have at your disposal at a specific time. As the game progresses the player will spend more time thinking and more time learning the game. For an arcade title there was obviously a lot of work that went into the game; a lot of thinking and a lot of planning.

The simple fun with this game isn’t seen in most games of this generation. It has a modern feel to it of course, but there is something about it that makes the player reminisce about the simple days of the Nintendo 64. It is just one of those games that if given the proper attention it could be an instant classic. The only one suggestion that could make Quantum Conundrum just a little bit better is co-op. The reason why we say that (which we know is just a dream) is because of the communication aspect that would go between two players and solving these increasingly difficult puzzles. But that is just a dream not something that adds or takes away from the actual game.

Quantum Conundrum is available for the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade, PS3 via PlayStation Network and PC. The game might be a thinker but it should be a no-brainer if you purchase it or not; cheap price tag, a lot of fun… Sold!


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