Far Cry 3- the Definition of Gaming Insanity

Far Cry 3 Box Art
9.5 Overall Score
Storyline: 9/10
Game Play: 10/10
Graphics: 9/10

Beautiful scenery I A lot of play time I Intriguing and different

Story can be predictable to an extent I Seems as if there are missing elements

When the first announcement of Far Cry 3 rang over the internet players were left with their jaw nearly hitting the floor. The game immediately showed the gaming community that it was striding to be different and wished to present players with a real feeling experience in a fantasy island where death was leering in every bush. With the release of every trailer and showing of every screenshot gamers needed to get their hands on this crazy game. It looked different, it seemed interested and it promised an experience like no other but does how it portrayed itself come true to how it actually turned out to be?

Far Cry 3 set the stage for gaming insanity with awesome trailers, cutting edge advertisements and promising examples of dramatic game play. Now that the game is out and in the hands of the player, gamers are getting to experience that little slice of insanity for themselves. This game is like three-in-one with how much playability it offers players. The story alone can take up to 30-50 hours to complete and that’s not including anything with the cooperative mode or the online multiplayer. When Ubisoft set their sights on making this title they wanted to make sure to leave nothing that was expected out in order to present players with a distinctive yet immersive experience on gaming platforms. But with so much promise and anticipation a game it can easily get sucked into a somewhat predictable black hole. Does Far Cry 3 stand above the rest and resist against the struggle games that prove to show potential before release often face or does it crumble underneath these high expectations?

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

The story of the game sets itself apart from competitors by being just plain different. The player embodies a young man by the name of Jason Broody who goes on a sky diving trip with his brothers and close friends. When the sky diving trip goes south and he and his friends land on an isolated island ridden by dangerous pirates, the group gets kidnapped and separated. Jason makes it his mission to get strong enough to save his friends from the dangers hidden deep within the island. Over the course of time the player will notice the change in character, see him grow to be the warrior he was meant to be.

With how good the story sounds there are both reasons to give it high praise and reasons to wish things could have turned out a bit different. One of the main reasons many players wanted to purchase Far Cry 3 was the way the story looked. The story of the game is an instant hook which is something that can come rare upon first starting a game. As the player progresses through the story they are constantly wondering and wanting to get an in depth look into the characters surrounding them. Although the main plot line is extremely interesting, the player may want to get more involved with some of the characters but it never happens. There is just so much going on with the main plot line, so many mysteries and so many wonders that part of the game that gamers are really interested in might pass by too quickly which makes areas seem to lack in flow. The story is so interesting and something that is unique in the industry and that is why players want more then what they were given. In reality this is actually a good point about the game, the story is just so good that the player wants to get more in depth with it, even if that may not be much of an option besides the detailed biographies located in the games very in-depth handbook. Something as simple as mini games set around characters or more background knowledge on how they got to the island or how their life was before they got trapped in such an unfortunate situation would have made this aspect about the game a sure fire ten out of ten experience.

Despite the desire for more, the way the game is played and the motive the player had for continuing his quest was an all around amazing feeling. At times the player could easily guess what would come next in terms of story but toward the end of the game there were a lot more surprises than predictable moments. The way the player witnesses the change from everyday college student to fearsome warrior is a feeling that gamers will not get from any other game. There was obviously a lot of time put into how real people grow as humans and that was integrated in the game. Whereas the game presented itself in a way that players automatically expected something crazy to happen around each corner it turned out to feel more real then was ever anticipated. Far Cry 3 stepped out and shined brighter than one could ever had imagined.

Fa rCry 3 Screenshot

After presenting such love and feeling for the story one might guess it was the best aspect of the game, however, it wasn’t the story that will force the player to love the game. It is the exciting gameplay and overall playability that could win any gamer over. This is a classic example of an open-world game; it is jammed packed full of things to do. The islands main inhabitant is the violent pirates and they have their areas locked down. The map shows two different colors, red and green; green being friendly territory and red being territory left in the hands of the enemy. It is the player’s job to capture that territory for the island natives where they will be able to fast travel to, customize their loadout and sell items gathered from around the area in their rucksack.

As the game progresses it gets harder and harder to take over these outposts. One of the easiest ways to gain control of the enemy area is being sneaky. There is an alarm in each area with guards surrounding the area. The alarm is a key aspect of how successful one will be at the infiltration or how long the outpost will take to take over; disabling the alarm system will greatly aid in the success of the player. Once the alarm is disabled reinforcements won’t join the fights so the player can choose to go loud or continue to sneak around and get kills that way. Far Cry 3 wouldn’t be considered a stealth game, however, the player can make it that way if they choose to breach into the enemy camp in that manner. It becomes a matter of knowing where the enemy is, scanning your surroundings and coming up with the best way to take control of the area. The greatest part about controlling each of these areas is that once an area is controlled more weapons become available for the player to use in their journey.

When navigating around the island on Far Cry 3 it is extremely important to use you map. The only thing is at the start of the game most of the map is blacked out. There are towers located around the island that need to be activated in order to reveal more areas of the map. The player might want to play a mission or capture more points outposts that will become nearly impossible to do without a map. Taking over these towers to reveal parts of the map not only make things easier to see and navigate in terms of story and side missions but it will also aid in hunting. Chipping away at the games map is no stranger to video games. Far Cry 3 has made simply finding out where you are a game in itself instead of just making the photo of the map available from the start. This is just another one of the many different things players can do on Far Cry 3.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

Hunting is a major part of the game because there are specific types of animals on the island that need to be hunted in order to make it easy to carry more ammo, weapons and other equipment. No matter how far in the game the player has made it they have the options to make their bags larger by hunting wildlife which surly helps when it come to playing through other parts of the game. The way the towers, outposts and wildlife flow in the game is incredibly remarkable. Whereas other games on the market seem to punish the player for being at the beginning of the game with small weapons or little areas to explore; only granting them new items or access to other areas once they have completed certain areas of the story, with Far Cry there is no punishment. You are out on the island to survive in whichever way possible from the get go. So if you are the type of player that wants to know your full map before getting through main parts of the story, you can do that or if you want the biggest and best weapons, equipment or bags you can do that to also. The choices are ultimately up to you as each thing you do on the island does help make you stronger to the enemy around you.

Along with the towers and outposts to obtain there are a lot of other things you can do in the single player portion of the game. Each camp has a hunting challenge and a killing challenge after the player takes it over. These challenges are set to help players hunt rare animals or kill wanted individuals in the traditional way of the Raykat tribe. The challenges are not only new things to take part in but they also help the player gain XP to help them gain new abilities. There are challenges to take medical supplies to certain areas under a time limit and ways to compete against your friends in “trails or the Raykat” challenges. Each challenge adds a lot of play time to an already long game and of course helps the player become the ultimate warrior.

Far Cry 3 takes customizing your load out to an entirely new level. This is a game that lets you carry what you want when you want it without grueling the player for wanting to do so. What we mean is after you build up your skills and allow yourself to carry new weapons by crafting new bags and things you can carry four of whatever type of gun you want. If you think it would be best to carry four assault rifles you can do that without slowing down the character or taking away any other ability. The same can go for RPGs and other heavy weapons. The way players can customize their equipment is revolutionary because most games would force the character to be slower with a heavy weapon. It is up to the player to decide what they want to carry and why. The only amount of punishment you’ll get for having a weapon preference is a longer reload time.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

The health system is also done very well. In gaming the way the player is able to heal can make or break a game and in Far Cry 3 regaining health walks hand in hand with the glory of the rest of the game. There are plants around the island that can be picked to make syringes to heal when required. This is the fastest way to heal and something you should not stride out into battle without. However, if you are caught with no crafted syringes the battle is not over yet. There are the options to heal you without any medication in a variety of different ways. If you have gotten shot you can duck behind a box a pull the bullet out with a twig, or pop your thumb back into place after a long fall. Its moments like these that are made to be extreme cut scenes in other games but in Far Cry these scenes can be considered somewhat normal. These moments of extremity are something that sets Far Cry 3 out from the crowd; moments that leave the player cringing in their seat are normal, not overly dramatic, believeable and surprisingly satisfying.

The wildlife scattered about the island will quickly prove itself to be something not to mess with. Hunting is something that you nearly have to do to progress fully through the game and the animals don’t make that easy on the player. These animals that roam the island are sometimes even more deadly than the pirates themselves. Most animals come equip with a dramatic cut scene of their own to make the feeling of being trapped on the island seem all the more dangerous. When the player thinks they are swimming across a calm stream a crocodile might chomp their arm prompting them to break free. Or when you try to sneak up on an enemy a tiger may leap out of the bushes, hoping to make you its next meal. The dramatics that go along with healing and escaping wildlife are almost exciting enough to be a game in itself and there are plenty of different types of animals to keep your blood rushing.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

The cooperative portion of Far Cry 3 is very straight forward in terms of a game mode. It is hardly like the single player portion of the game at all but offers enjoyment in other ways. This mode allows four players to play through a completely different story in a classic coop form. Instead of having this area of the game be open world it is level based, which would count as the largest disappointment of the mode. There are objectives that the players must complete together and a lot of killing. Simple, straight forward but still enjoyable in a “this is what you can expect from your average game” kind of way.

The cooperative portion of the game does have its own unique story which was present to know considering it adds a whole lot more reason to continue playing the entire game. Starting off on a ship, four random and distinctive characters want to fight to find the ship captain. The captain has stolen from them and they join forces to hunt the man down. The captain has made his way to an island where you and your new friends will proceed to try and find the man. Although the coop story might not be as captivating as the single player story, at least it gives players some reason besides the want to play with friends to participate in the game mode. It is attention-grabbing but conventional, at least there is more social aspect added to the game in a way that allows players to combine forces with one another in a gracious demeanor.

One of the more interesting and imaginative parts of the coop mode is the mini challenges within the levels. These ‘mini challenges’ plot the players against each other to do odd tasks and compete against the friends they are playing with. It is a fun loving way to go against your friends instead of wanting to shoot their heads off in a gruesome way. Not only does it add a little friendly but simple competition into the game play but it also brings a little light hearted humor to each of the characters that the player is able to control throughout the mode. One of the first challenge you will run into with your friends is competing against each other to capture bombs and drop them off at a wall that must be exploded to proceed. Although, you and your friends will still be working toward the same goal the point is to capture and drop off more bombs than they do. There will be laughs exchanged and petty jabs at one another making the little competition more of a memorable point of your experience in coop play.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

The characters players have to choose from in the cooperative game mode are all very different which makes things a little fun. They all have their reasons to be there and their own unique attitudes that offset each other perfectly. It’s like they are all different, stereotypical to an extent but all work well together. Choosing a character that someone matches your thought process will be easy, it’s a shame that they didn’t make create a player with attitude and voice choices; now that would have made this experience step up to the next level.

To conclude talking about the very straight forward cooperative mode one Far Cry 3 we have to mention the high respect we have that the game has included same system coop. Most modern titles cut same system out of their titles for certain reasons but Far Cry 3 does not. Of course, players can still take part in the battle online with friends across the world but that does not mean your real life friends and family have to sit out on the action. The coop mode would not be a high selling point of the game but because you can literally play it with anyone you want, just like many older titles, this is a reason to give Far Cry 3 towering honor. While most games forget gamers have friends and family in real life that they would still like to play with Far Cry 3 tributes that.

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Far Cry 3’s multiplayer is very similar to the titles out there that players simply get addicted to. There is great structure to the online play and it runs right up there with the huge superpowers in terms of multiplayer. This mode has a dense community which can be hard to come by with a new release in multiplayer because of the huge games it’s automatically against. Being new to the multiplayer mode can be though at the start but once you get into the game it will be a competitive cake walk. When starting out in multiplayer it doesn’t feel like you automatically suck because there are player’s levels above you which is satisfying. New players can get kills on season pros even with guns that are unlocked from the start. The multiplayer mode seems to be highly based off of the players preferences more so than the more you play the though you are. Far Cry 3’s multiplayer is fair to all players but it might take some getting used to.

One of the only reason why this mode might take some time for players to grasp is because the tutorial system is very vague. With how little time they give new players with learning what they are supposed to do or the lack in mode for players to try multiplayer without jumping into a random match is very intimidating. A detailed tutorial system to help get players feet wet with multiplayer would have been nice but it is something that was not given. If you are on level one then it is quite plausible you will be placed with people over level 50, nerve-racking… yes but will the new player be completely annulated by the others… probably not. If there was a detailed tutorial system or any kind of introduction to the multiplayer mode, everything would have been nearly perfect. The mode is intimidating to new players and because of the lack in tutorial system jumping straight into the online portion of the game might seem unapproachable.

Far Cry 3 offers players a variety of different multiplayer playlists. Here are of course the more average playlist such as team deathmatch and then the more unique playlists like fires storm. Team deathmatch is of course your average game of whichever team has the most kill’s wins while firestorm focuses on burning enemy depots and capturing radio towers to bring your team to victory. Other game mode includes domination, transmission and player created maps. Dominations forces players to capture points to win; each point controlled will add to the overall score of the team. Transmission is similar to domination except the points controlled alternate and extra points are gained dependent on the time the transmitter was captured. Every player tends to have a preference on which types they like best, with the game types being weighed pretty equal it is up to you to decide where you most feel like unleashing your skills.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

As players gain XP through multiplayer games they will of course level up. One of the main issues with Far Cry 3’s multiplayer is that there is a max level of 75. That means there is no restarting once you reach the top and once that point is reached there is less incentive to actually want to play the mode. After the level 75 mark is reached only unlocking weapon mods and daily/ weekly challenges keeps the player wanting to continue to play this mode really. Multiplayer on Far Cry 3 is just as fun and addictive as any other game on the market but having a point that forces the player to stop leveling up completely is something that will stop people from playing the game as much.

There are both daily and weekly challenges that can be viewed in the multiplayer menu. Completing these side challenges is rewarding and usually gives the player extra XP. Some of these challenges are as simple as using a specific gun to kill players while others may appear to be more difficult. This is most definitely a unique feature of the game because how easy it is to see these mini objectives that players can choose to work toward in any online match.

There are also unlockable devices that need to be decoded in both multiplayer and coop modes. The multiplayer mode walks hand in hand with cooperative play as they both present players with a leveling up system and things players can use in online play. There are DVDs, CDs and memory cards within the modes that need to be decoded in order to get weapon mods for online play. Each device takes a certain amount of time to decode which friends can help by sending over speed boosts. Some of the longer devices to decode can take up to eight hours! Not only does this add more playtime to the actual game but it is also a very different way to use online communication.

Far Cry 3 Screenshot

The create a class system is definitely similar to games players are all too familiar with. The way multiplayer create a class system and abilities to use in online game play is identical to Call of Duty which isn’t a bad thing. The player can choose their gun based off what they have unlocked, choose abilities and equipment that suits their overall play style. On top of that dependent on how much a player is contributing to their team a “killstreak” system is present in multiplayer. Although death does not contribute to losing the gain abilities there are thing players sort of unlock in each match to aid their team to victory. Some of these things are dropping poison gas, excludable barrels or simply revealing nearby enemies on the map.

To wrap up our brag about the Far Cry 3 multiplayer mode we will talk about our favorite part! At the end of each match the winning team has the option to choose to punish the losing team or show them mercy. The top three players on the winning team will stand around the player with the least amount of points on the losing team and perform a unique action to the player. Some of the actions include beating them ceaseless while other are letting the free or congratulating them on a game well played. It is the person with the most points that chooses what to do on the losing person. This both brings pride to the winning team and shame to the loosing so try hard if you don’t want to risk being humiliated in front of the entire group of people you just played with.

Far Cry 3 is a game that is worth it for every player to play. It offers players of all tastes a little something while making the game worth a whole lot of play time. You can find yourself wrapped up in this game for hours just taking part in the smallest aspects of the game. Far Cry 3 was an all-around pleasure to play in all modes. While there are things that we wish were added to the game like a way for player to better get to know some of the characters, an open world cooperative mode or a prestige system; those are just things to improve on in the next game. There is nearly nothing in this game that should have been taken out, only things to add to make it better! The way Far Cry 3 has been executed, everything that it has set up its viewers to love is great. We can expect even great and even more if there is another sequel.


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