COD: BO2 Vengeance Map Pack Review

Black Ops 2 Review
8 Overall Score
Content: 8/10
Creativity: 8/10
Graphics : 7/10

Buried is a lot of fun but can be confusing at first and the Time Bomb can save your live

The maps have no environmental factors which makes the maps kind of stale and Buried can be glitchy at times

Black Ops 2 map pack Vengeance is out now and is out for revenge. Vengeance map pack is the third D.L.C for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and is available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Have you ever wanted to kill another player at a paintball field, or have a deserted island to blast your foes into international waters. If either of these sounds good to you then you already enjoy at least one of the four multiplayer maps. In this Call of Duty: Black ops 2 map pack players receive four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombies map.

The Call of Duty: Black ops 2 Vengeance map pack gives players the ability to play on four new maps that are unique to the pack and change-up the current rotation of maps. The four new multiplayer maps are: Cove, Detour, Rush, and Uplink, each vastly different to its counterpart.

Cove – Cove is an isolated island in International Waters. The circular format of the island allows for players to flank behind one another and use the islands terrain as cover. The primary holding spots for this map are the cliff and the crashed airplane in the middle of the map but be careful, because without the proper team work or the right traps you are sure to get shot in the back.

Detour – Detour takes place on a bridge in New York City in The United States. This bridge has been beaten down causing holes to be part of the map. Players can battle on another on top of the bridge or go through the under belly allowing for players to flank behind one another to surprise their enemies. The key strategic points in this map are the two rooms adjacent to one another on the top side of the bridge or the pipe lines surrounding the outskirts of the bridge. Detour’s scenic background lets you see the vast outline of the New York City landscape.

Rush – Rush takes place at an outdoor paintball field in Georgia, U.S.A. Rush consists of two paintball course, the speed ball area and the outdoor arena. Rush consists of three main lanes in which in players have lots of cover to combat one another. The map gives a realistic feel as if on an actual paintball course. Sadly this map could have been more interesting if instead of bullets players shot paint balls at one another. This map can be infuriating if the major choke points are held.

Uplink – Uplink is a remake of the Call of Duty: Black ops map Summit. Uplink takes place in the jungles of the Arakan Range, in Myanmar. Uplink is set in a satellite control facility in the jungle. Uplink’s layout is exactly the same as Summit just without the snow. The primary combat area of this map is the center in which the server room is the best place to lock down the map.

All four multilayer maps are visual unique with different scenic background. Sadly the maps lack any environmental factors making the maps feel all the same. The recreation of maps from previous Call of Duty is nice to see but when remade so generically, it makes players wish they had just remastered the map and placed it into the rotation. The lack of environmental weather climates creates a sort of longing for more diverse regions.

The last piece of this map pack is the new zombies map, Buried. Buried is the sixteenth zombie map in the Zombies game mode and reunites us with the Black Ops 2 zombies cast after their much-needed vacation. Buried takes place in Africa at an abandoned oil rig that has discovered a lost western town underneath the earth. Players find themselves mainly combating the zombie hoards in the old western town and in order to open up new regions of the map, players will need the help of the friendly giant, Leroy. Leroy can do anything, from building the buildables through some sweet persuasion or drunkenly demolishing obstacles in his way. Leroy can even help do something that most players beg to avoid, crawler duty. Yes that is right Leroy will actually watch and take care of the crawler for you, all it takes is some candy bribery.  Returning to this map is the ability to create objects at the buildables table. There are four buildables in all, with two returning and two new one to the zombie scene. The two returning buildables are the Trample Steam, a device that catapults anything that is lucky enough to step onto its metal structure, and the Turbine, a source of wind power to energize devices that need external power sources. The two new buildables are the Subsurface Resonator and the Head Chopper. The subsurface resonator emits a sonic boom similar to that of a sub-woofer but in lethal dosage. The subsurface resonator only works when combined with the turbine.  The final buildable is the head chopper is a mechanical saw blade that is used to decapitate the undead, warning it can come back to harm you.

If the buildables were not enough to help you slay the undead masses, then there are new weapons and perks to help aid you on your endeavors. New to zombies is the use of chalk to create the position of guns on the walls. Yes there are some guns already position on the wall but players can decide where they want to put six deadly weapons. The placement of a gun chalk outline will grant the player 1000 points for each one place up until the final one which bequeaths to the player double the amount.  There are four unique wonder weapons for this map, the Paralyzer, the Ray Gun Mark II, the Remington New Model Army and the Time Bomb. There is also the return of monkey bombs and the fan favorite LMG, the LSAT. The Paralyzer can be used to slow zombies from anything from a slow crawl to a complete stop; it can also help players reach areas that have yet to been unlocked and is a component to this maps major Easter egg. There is only one Paralyzer in the box as a FYI. The Ray Gun Mark II is similar to its counterpart the ray gun but it makes up for what the ray gun cannot, pure destructive power! It can blast through lines of zombies in a matter of seconds making it fast for a quick escape from the zombie hoards. The Remington New Model Army is an old six-shooter pistol similar to the revolver that was used in the old western days. Finally there is the Time Bomb, an object similar of that to monkeys, the time bomb allows for players to go back in time to when the bomb was placed. This can make it so players who died or lost a much-needed item the ability to return so progress will not be lost. The time bomb can be used to duplicate power ups that give players a perk.

The power up to give players the free perk is not just a random drop; it occurs only when the mistress attacks outside of the mansion. The mistresses aka the witch will only appear once a player enters the mansion be careful though because she packs a punch hitting you were it hurts most, your wallet. This makes it quiet difficult to pack-a-punch, due to having to go through the mistress’s manor. There is one new perk to the zombie’s franchise. Vulture Aid causes zombies to drop ammunition packs, extra points coin purses, and will show the zombies with the green smoke which causes zombies to avoid ,if not flee entirely when immersed in its gases. The gases are only available for a limited time only, so step in it while you can it might just save your life. Vulture Aid’s alternate purpose is to show all available wall weapons, perks and chalk placement locations. There is also a Grief mode for this map.

Vengeance map pack seeks to provide thrills, chills, and a little bit of mystery to the Call of Duty community. Buried revitalized the western horror aspect while giving zombie fanatics something new and unique to experience. Regular multiplayer received a new breath of fresh air. Personally Uplink would have to be my favorite out of the four; it would be amazing if one day they just released a giant D.L.C, which allowed players to play on past Call of Duty maps on the new title. Vengeance map pack is available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360; it cost $15.00 or 1200 MS Points. Just a friendly reminder, season pass owners do not have to purchase the map individually to obtain it.


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