Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate Review

7.5 Overall Score
Graphics : 8/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Replay Value: 4/10

Amazing graphics and use of 3D give the atmosphere a true Castlevania I Focus on exploration and action is a nice addition with the use of later upgrades I

Little to no replay value I Combos grow predictable since a whip is your only weapon

Castlevania has returned to handhelds with the newest installment Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate, the game will take us through dark atmosphere’s, 3D environments and everything we can expect from a Castlevania at this level in the handheld market. Is it worth it though? Let’s go through this review to find out shall we?

Our story takes place 25 years after the Castlevania: Lord of Shadow were taken on a journey through the journey’s of Gabriel Belmont’s son Trevor Belmont, his grandson Simon Belmont, and what game would be complete without Alucard? As you venture through our two playable Belmont’s you’ll whip and explore secrets to the castle we’ve inhabited and in the midst of all that find out great and possibly dark secrets to your past, motivations and even the future of your bloodline.

Gameplay focuses on more exploration and discovering the ins and outs of various locations were taken to, our combat is whip based which can be used by pressing X and Y but you can mix up your attacks by pressing up, down etc find a system that works best for you and start whipping away,  certain combos do long frame damage and others are quick which may dizzy your opponents, with dizzy foes you can either kill them or you can press R to grab them to perform a final kill move. Boss fights take your skill and muscle memory to the test and you have to study your boss and the patterns they lay out for you some fights require a death or two to get the rhythm but you’ll get it with practice.

Graphics and environments provide a dark and claustrophobic plane that is great especially when the 3D turned up all the way gives them much depth and it couldn’t be better exploring such a large environment. How characters look and enemies is exactly how Castlevania feel of horror and monsters and the castle, caves etc makes me want to go but i keep pressing forward and brave the horrors!


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