Call of Duty: MW3 Collection 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Collection 1
6.5 Overall Score
Multiplayer: 5/10
Spec-Ops: 8/10
Survival: 7/10

Spec-Ops: Negotiator, Survival mode, Multiplayer Map: Piazza

Black Box and Overwatch feel bland and lackluster, 3 Maps feel to big for Multiplayer 6v6

The long awaited DLC has finally arrived for Modern Warfare 3 ON ALL PLATFORMS.  In it claims to be the biggest DLC for a Call of Duty game ever!  The Collection includes 4 new multiplayer maps and 2 spec-op missions.  The multiplayer maps also double for survival mode and keeps the new mode feeling fresh and new in the COD franchise.  Lets see what all the fuss is about and if the hype really deserves the 14.99 price tag as well as your attention.

Spec Ops:

Spec Ops Mission: Negotiator
Bringing the house down…

The Spec-Op missions is the most unique part of the newly released Modern Warfare 3 DLC.  Part of which being because it has never been done before.  In the DLC you get two new missions to tackle by yourself or with a friend.  Black Ice has you using a snow mobile and racing down a snowy cavern to blow up Makarov’s Diamond Mine.  The sequence is fun but after you race down the hill and complete the mission the only real replay value is beating your old time or getting achievements/trophies.  Negotiator is a totally different story, if Infinity Ward takes note, this is better than the Spec-Op missions that released with MW3 to begin with.  You and your partner are being held captive in a town and it is up to you to escape and free innocent civilians during the mission.  A counter shows how many people you have saved during the special sequences that relies on playing the mission multiple times.  Did I mention the 5+ breach slo-mo sequences?


Multiplayer Map: Piazza
Ruining plenty of itailian resturaunts!

Modern Warfare 3’s DLC multiplayer maps feel like a bag of mixed emotions.  Yea they are new maps but unlike the Black Ops maps which each had a little quirk and actually felt like a Call of Duty Map for the console or PC.  The majority of the maps feel like they were developed for large scale battles which might be good if you only play ground war.  Piazza is the highlight of the maps due to its tight corners and awesome ocean scenery.  Liberation is a large map and really captures the fall season with bright and vivid colors.  Yet the other maps leave much to be desired with bland visuals.

Collection 1’s map collection is supposed to be the bulk of the package.  Instead it is the least noticed in the development cycle.  A majority of the maps feel too big for fast paced run and gun action we all know and love.  Yes, it is ok to cater to snipers and long range fire-fights.  Instead of making the map a large one just develop the map for all of the above and make every COD player happy with it.  The art of the maps Piazza and Liberation are astounding scenic locales.  But what happened to the attention given Black Box and Overwatch?  Just because there is a sunset during a firefight doesn’t make it a sight to see. Oh and the U.S. presidential administration called they want their airplane taken out of the most horrid map for MW3 to date.  Unlike Piazza, Overwatch and Black Box intention wasn’t to be a maze yet the developers make it feel that way.


Multiplayer Map: Overwatch
Looks similar to a map from MW2 = A Bad Thing!

Survival mode allows you to play on the new maps without all the respawn mumbo jumbo and is another highlight of the DLC.  Leaving right where the other survival maps left off these new maps introduce chaos and confusion.  Meaning that when you start the maps up be prepared to face tougher enemies faster and more of them.  Have you ever gotten to three juggies at a time?  Well you will this round of survival and faster than you think.  Upping the ante and bringing it to the player most COD fans should enjoy the challenge while learning the new maps.

All in all the new DLC for MW3 is sub par, no less you can really see a franchise aging just after its release 5 months ago.  If any indication hints at tournaments or real competitive modes expect the servers to be down with the massive amount of COD fans eager to prove who is the best.  Yet no word from Infinity Ward or Activision to shed light on any such thing.  Perhaps the future content for MW3 will see better reception and better development.

If your wondering what the release for the DLC on other platforms it is as follows:

Xbox 360 players with Elite subscription will get the map pack first.

PS3 players with Elite subscription will get the map pack second.

Xbox 360 players without an Elite subscription will get the map pack third.

PS3 players without an Elite subscription and PC players get the map pack released to them last.

Sadly PC player do not have the ability at this time to purchase an Elite subsription.


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