Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack Review

9 Overall Score
Content: 10/10
Creativity: 8/10
Diversity: 9/10

Covered multiple areas so that 1 specific player type was left out. Return to original zombies

The maps need more vantage points for realistic sniping and Die Rise can get confusing when trying to Navigate

With the upcoming release of the Revolution map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for PC and PS3, it seemed justified to critique the already released version for the Xbox 360. Out of all the DLC packages that Call of Duty has ever released throughout the franchise, this one has the most ever included in one. With four new multiplayer maps, a new zombie survival map, a new zombie game type and a new gun, it hits many aspects to please individual players.

First let us cover the multiplayer aspect. This is the first time in the history of the Call of Duty franchise that they have released an in-game downloadable gun for multiplayer. The new weapon is called the Peacekeeper; it is under the SMG category but has aspects of it that are similar to the assault rifle type of guns also. With its long range and quick bursts, the Peacekeeper is a definite killing machine! The Peacekeeper unlocks automatically after buying or downloading the DLC with no set level to reach in order to unlock it.




Next are the 4 maps: Downhill, Mirage, Grind, and Hydro.

  • Hydro - a map focused around a hydro-electric dam in Pakistan, at times a strong current may be released causing players death in water, so listen for the alarm.
  • Grind - a skate park in Venice, California. The map has many curves so this will make players more susceptible to rolling grenades, as well as having to go around corners more to see the enemy. Grind is the smallest of all 4 maps.
  • Mirage - a luxury resort in the Gobi Desert in China that has been hit by sandstorms. The majority of the map is open so long range combat will be expected. The sand dunes allow for players to get up onto certain places for superior map control.
  • Downhill - a ski resort in the Rhone-Alps in France. Downhill has multiple vantage points making long range combat more accessible. This map sadly had the potential to be something better but became more a slightly elevated level map.

Now for the new zombie content! There are two new zombie related parts with this DLC; the new zombie game-type/game mode is entitled ‘Turned’ and the first ever vertical zombie survival map Die Rise.

Turned takes place in the diner portion of Green Run. The match only holds four people similar to regular zombies. The objective of the game is actually similar to the multiplayer game type Gun game in which the layer who is the human fights off other players with a rotating set of guns. The way this victor is decided is by either who completes the gun set first or whoever has the most points whenever the time runs out. The other 3 players are the zombies and it is their goal to attack the human player. Whoever manages to hit the human player becomes the next human and the previous human becomes a zombie. There are still power up drops such as insta-kill and double points which help to aid the human in his fight to stay alive. When in zombie mode the player will get thermal vision in order to see the human player through walls. This game type although challenging when with skilled players can be a lot of fun.




Now for one of the most anticipated things about the Revolution DLC, Die Rise, also known as The Great Leap Forward. Die Rise takes place in a collapsed skyscraper in post apocalypse Shanghai, China. Unlike its previous counterpart Tranzit there is no annoying lava to burn you or denizens to jump on you, also there are not multiple stages that the player can go to. Die Rise is considered a survival map because of that. Similar to Tranzit, the buildable stations returns for two new objects: the ‘Sliquifier’ and the ‘Trample Steam’. The Sliquifier is a wonder gun that shoots out purple goo to make zombies and players slip and slide; it is a component to the maps Easter egg. The Trample Steam is a device that flings objects. It can be used to launch players from building to building or to fortify an entry point against zombies. It does eventually get worn down and breaks but don’t worry you can get another!

There are two new perks to the zombies map as well: the return of Mule Kick and the new perk Who’s who. For those who may not know from the previous Black Ops game, Mule Kick gives players the ability to have a third gun. Who’s who is quite an interesting perk and might confuse you at first. Who’s who is similar to the perk Tombstone in which players get their perks back whenever they are revived only difference is that you do not have to wait for a new round to begin to do this and actually gives you the ability to revive yourself or downed allies. Be careful though, you are still susceptible to attacking zombies and if you die again you will have to wait for a teammate to revive you. Making a return are the minions, they have special rounds similar to dog rounds in which if you kill them by other means then shooting them you obtain a free perk. Throughout the map are mattresses so that when a player jumps down they will not sustain falling damage. Elevators are your primary source for returning to higher levels (once you turn the power on), but be careful not to go to high as you will die. Be cautious on the map as the twists and turns can cause you to get disoriented.

Overall this DLC is definitely worth the 15 dollars (1200 Microsoft Points) because of everything you get from it. For those who have the season pass, the Revolution DLC is included as part of it, just be sure to download it from in-game and not from the Marketplace as you will be charged extra. Go out and kill something already, and remember videogames are meant to be fun.


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