Adventure Time- Hey Ice King Why’d you Steal our Garbage?

8 Overall Score
Storyline: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Adventure Time's First Video Game | Retro feel | Animation looks Fantasic

Limited Sidequests | Back Tracking is too frequent

A Retro feel for Kids!

“Adventure Time, Come on grab your friends, we are going to very distant lands with Jake the dog and Finn the human the fun that never ends… its Adventure Time Hey Ice King Why’d you Steal Our Garbage?”  This is the amazing music your are greeted with once you pop the game into your 3DS or DS depending on what version you are playing.  The game doesn’t have a fancy title screen aside from the music, why you ask?  Because the game isn’t trying to be flashy, and doesn’t need to be.  Hey Ice King why’d you steal our garbage actually takes both kids and adults that are fans of the show/game into a time machine when games were about one thing, fun.  Adventure Time accomplishes this on almost every level, with no video during the game, to very limited use of voice over work.  In the end the game feels like it is your standard 8-bit  or 16-bit game, in a beautiful Adventure Time skin.

Making Donnie Cry for his Mommy!

Making Donnie Cry for his Mommy!

SLAMACOW!  Finn and Jake set off on an epic adventure after they come to find that the Ice King has stolen all of their precious smelly garbage.  During this time the human boy and yeller shape shifting dog will be walked through how to fight and sort though inventory in the game.  Fighting in the game feels like a standard beat’em up mixed with a very clever platforming experience.  During your encounters of kicking the butts of cute animals like bunnies, and turtles with extremely dangerous weapons tied to their bodies.  You will find a very enthusiastic game for all ages. While other enemies like those pesky fairy Gnomes tend to swoop in and steal your stuff.  It is up to the gamer to recognize the different kinds of enemies and come up with a way to counter their foes.  Finn and Jake have various combat moves that are useful in different situations and will allow the player to reach hidden areas throughout the game.  Hey Ice King why’d you steal our garbage, sees various dungeons in the game that will have some of Finn and Jake’s garbage in them, in the form of a garbage princess.  At the end of each dungeon will have some pretty interesting boss fights only you could find in an Adventure Time game.   This of course is all thanks to that old wizard from the freezer the Ice King who wants to get the beat down.

Defeated foes will drop items like syrup, hamburgers and jalapenos.  Once acquired they will be stored in the very useful BMO touchscreen.  From BMO’s inventory screen you can drag any sort of condiments like ketchup, salt over a meal such as a milkshake and spaghetti bowl, to name a few.  The end result will see Finns health recovery item have an extra boost.  Just be warned that sometimes we encountered random items that did damage to our health.  Other items include power-ups for Finns strength, speed and even calling upon the business men to slap some jerks up!   The BMO is used mostly for items but you may also look at the move sets for Jake and Finn, as well as your over all level.  Leveling up in the game is based on exploration, rather than grinding your character away during gameplay.  This is a fantastic route that the game takes, not forgetting about its key audience.  When gamers do find a treasure chest with a level up star, they will be greeted with “YOU JUST LEVELED UP, MATHEMATICAL!”

Adventure Time Overworld

Jake sits down for a minute

During the quest Finn and Jake will discover many of the characters featured in the animated TV show.  Many of these characters like Princess Bubblegum, Hot Dog Princess will grant Jake new moves to get across obstacles during the exploration of the land of Ooo.  One such move set is the ability for Jake to extend his body to make a bridge at certain points of the map.  Once unlocked this will allow the two to explore new areas of the world and continue their journey.

Both the art style and the music in the game feels like they have been directly ripped out from the TV show.  This is also due to the fact that Pendleton Ward worked very closely with the team from WayForward Technologies based in Valencia.  The devs have gone out of their way to make sure that the Adventure Time experience was created in this title for the Nintendo handheld.   On top of that the composer of the music, Jake Kaufman, for the game has made some of the best work this year.  This is also credited to the Voice talent of Tommy Pedrini, Christina Vee and the mastermind Jake Kaufman who sing during certain tracks of the game.  There is no reason for not wanting some of the tracks found in the game on you MP3 player.  It truly is an epic experience when you hear “Feast, Fight… BE MANLY” during one of  our favorite tracks in the game.

Princess BG... where did you last them?

Gonna find the fancy pants

The game does have its shortcomings however, with a very linear storyline and a very limited amount of side quests.  It will not be hard to accomplish 100 percent of the game during your first play through.  After your beat the game you will unlock a New Game + mode that allows gamers to experience a bigger challenge.  Even then the Dungeons and the platforming are some of the best the game has to offer.  From awesome one of a kind bosses to platforming puzzles that actually require gamers to think.  This game hits all cylinders when coming to the final stages and doesn’t pull any punches.  The end game boss isn’t a push over either and will require very accurate and precise approach.  The end result is a very rewarding experience for the first Adventure Time video game.  Now excuse me while I look for Princess Bubblegum’s pantyhose.


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  1. Quaisha Thornton December 20, 2012 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    I wanted to get this game for the longest. But first I need a 3DS :-(

    Thanks for the review, Shaun!

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