GamersBliss Staff Page – Meet the Team Behind GamersBliss

Welcome to the Gamersbliss staff page. We are so flattered you found your way here!  Someday, we hope to add more to our Gamersbliss staff page; maybe even you. If you are interested in joining our team please navigate to our application page for more information.

For now, our current team is small but extremely close with a long history of working together. Read below to find out more about our staff. Find out their past experience, how they know each other and the significance that they play in each other’s lives. It’s a real life gamer love story with inspiration, once in a life time moments, grasped opportunities and a bond that will forever hold us together; what’s not to love about that?

This is a page for current, official staff members. The bottom section also features past members of our team who have played a significant role in our growth. We have had very important people as part of the GamersBliss staff in the past who are no longer working with us but they deserve recognition as well. On top of that, we have contributors who are getting their feet wet in the industry as well as guest post. We care deeply about each of our authors. This page made to celebrate the current, past and future rooster of GamersBliss staff.

GamersBliss Staff – Inside look at Who Still Runs the Biz

Jim Girgenti: Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Head Honcho

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GamersBliss Staff Jim Girgenti Editor-in-chiefJim Girgenti is an industry veteran, founder and the Editor-in-Chief of He has a decorated past in working with several blogs and sites centered on video games, however, he didn’t find “home” until he created it- right here on GamersBliss!

He is down-to-earth and accepting of everyone. Jim is always the first to welcome a fresh face and possess leadership qualities in which are easy to respect. Jim is outspoken, funny, daring and passionate. It’s easy to describe this fellow as an all-around great guy. He treats everyone like a friend- and I mean everyone. Jim has one of the biggest hearts out there. He will stop at nothing to make sure that those he loves are well taken care of and happy.

Jim founded with Heather Spears in November of 2011. The two have been inseparable since. While Heather considers Jim her ultimate mentor, Jim denies his aid to allow her to spread her wing independently. The two formed a brother-sister relationship straight from the get go as Heather looked up to his leadership. Through their trails with this site, Jim met Heathers sister, Sarah; his soon-to-be wife!

Heather Spears: Co-Founder / Senior Editor / Director of Random Things

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GamersBliss Staff Heather SpearsHeather Spears is the co-founder and Senior Editor of She is also part of “The Spears Sisters” Cosplay duo with her sister, Sarah. Heather started in the industry in 2011 just prior to meeting Jim at that years Electronic Entertainment Expo. After writing for several publications, Heather formed an unbreakable respect for Jim and the two left other publications to create GamersBliss together. With the thought of bringing their experience together and combining what they know, they felt they could make GamersBliss something gamers would love.

Heather is passionate when it comes to anything artistic. She has studied digital art, digital design, web design, animation and more. Heather is also best friends with her sewing machine. She has been sewing since she was in 3rd grade and although she laughs about how bad she was back then; Heather now has over 16 years of experience behind the machine. She found herself writing for video games because she has always loved playing them. Heather’s ambition will always be with wanting to become an author however while she works towards her goal she plans to stay right here and GamersBliss and gussy up her writing style through articles. (Did we forget to mention that she also designs shirt graphics on Amazon?)

Heather laughs about Sarah and Jim relationship because she knew from the moment they laid eyes on each other that they were in love. In her opinion, the two denied it for far too long. She couldn’t be happier that the two are spending the rest of their life together because they both mean the world to her; Sarah, her closely bonded sister who is sometimes described as her conjoined twin and Jim, her mentor and someone who helped her when he by no means had to.

Sarah Spears: Editor / Community Management / Beautiful Enchantress

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GamersBliss Staff Sarah SpearsSarah is a working actress and model who sort of fell into the GamersBliss family due to Heather helping Jim create the site. She has always been very close with her sister so anything that she does Heather does and anything that Heather does she does. Their sisterhood brought Sarah to contribute to the site; but Sarah was blindsided by how close she grew to Jim. But their relationship was undeniable from the get go.

Like we said, Sarah is a working actress. She has been in all sorts of different movies and TV shows. Because of her busy lifestyle the GamersBliss staff has always appreciated the time that she has spent helping our site grow.

Sarah is the other half of the Cosplay / gaming duo the Spears Sisters and the thought behind its creation. She loves spending time with her sister and is no stranger to being in front of the camera. With her experience and will to spend time with Heather, Sarah thought to bring the duo to life.

Sarah and Jim are getting married on May 7th 2018. The two are inseparable. This couple bonds over the love of gaming. They love to laugh, makes jokes and drive the hard-working Heather insane but in the end the three together are like their own little family.