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Games Releasing August 2013

August 4, 2013

Hey Gamers! It is finally August and a majority of the games you have been waiting for are finally coming out. This month fan favorites, Saints Row 4, Lost Planet 3, Madden 25 and Splinter Cell: [...]

Assassin’s Creed 2 Free with Gold

July 23, 2013

Originally thought to be either an error in the system or a promotion to promote the announcement of Fable Anniversary, Fable 3 would become the first unofficial Games with Gold download. During E3, [...]

How I lost 70 LBS Playing Video Games

July 7, 2013

Summer, it’s swimsuit season, so everybody is obviously trying to work off the hot dogs and ice cream as fast as they can. I know it can be rough, but there’s a new, really fun way to get [...]

Trading In Towards the Next-Gen

July 2, 2013

Now that all the next-generation systems will allow you to trade your games in freely, (Big sigh of relief) now should be a good time to talk about when is the best time to trade your games, [...]

25 Most Anticipated Games of 2013 (Post E3)

July 2, 2013

Now that the big show of the year, E3, has passed we were delighted to know that some of our favorite game developers had a few more tricks up their sleeve for 2013. To follow up on our previous [...]

Get Your Free Xbox One Avatar Shirt

June 28, 2013

With the consoles coming out this Holiday Season, there will no doubt be a ton of promotions. Purchasing the Xbox One on day on of release will already get you a special console insignia on it as [...]

5 Great things About Xbox One

June 28, 2013

The Xbox One has caught some negative wind since its announcement. This negative attention has made a lot of hardcore gamer’s side with Sony’s PS4, even if they were previous Xbox 360 fans. In [...]

Game Stop Ad for 6/26 to 7/2

June 26, 2013

Every week Game Stop releases their usual ad in order to inform past and potential customers what they will be having sales on for that week, yet this weeks ad is more of about what you can pre-order [...]

Xbox One Challenges Information

June 26, 2013

Another change coming regarding the Xbox One will be the implementation of challenges, it’s the same branch of idea as the achievement but it’s not entirely the same as it provides gamers [...]
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