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Tomb Raider Single Player DLC Coming?

When brought you the news that Crystal Dynamic and Square Enix weren’t thinking about DLC for the single player experience for the highly reviewed hit Tomb Raider it struck gamers the wrong way feeling the story…


Next Xbox to be Unveiled May 21

Microsoft has sent out very special invitations to various parties detailing a May 21 unveiling event for the next generation of Xbox. The unveiling will take place in Redmond, Washington. Fans can tune in to…


THQ IP’s sold and distributed

Racking your brain looking for information on where fan favorite THQ franchises such as Darksiders, Homeworld, and Red Faction can called home? Look no further than we’ve got this covered and will provide as…


EA Unveils Cover Art for NCAA Football 14

After a lengthy voting process, the 5.7 million voters have finally chosen a winner to grace the cover of NCAA Football 2014. This year’s lucky winner is Denard Robinson. Robinson played quarterback for the Michigan…