Baldur’s Gate Pre-sequel In Development

Since 1974, Dungeons & Dragons has been aiding players in crafting complex and amazing worlds. five editions of books have been released since its creation helping to expand the universe in more diverse ways with additional…

Destiny Patch 1.0.1

Destiny Patch 1.0.1

Destiny Patch 1.0.1 So far Destiny is pretty amazing. Between Bungie behind the development, who created the incredibly popular trilogy, Halo, and the pre-alpha, alpha, and public beta, not to mention the rest of the…

BlackOps2 2

Manuel Noriega Suing Activision

In this world, what actions and deeds decide an individuals worth? What determines Manuel Noriega worth? What actions decide whether or not  an individual deserves accommodation or accreditation for a piece of work? Is someone…