League of Legends Black Friday Sale

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday just around the corner, Riot has announced their plans for the League of Legends community during Thanksgiving weekend. The mention the different offers they will have available for Mystery gifts…

BlackOps2 2

Manuel Noriega Suing Activision

In this world, what actions and deeds decide an individuals worth? What determines Manuel Noriega worth? What actions decide whether or not  an individual deserves accommodation or accreditation for a piece of work? Is someone…


Doom Bots of Doom Coming to LOL

Doom Bots are Coming! Special game modes are not a new occurrence to the League of Legend’s community. Earlier this year we saw a variety of special events ranging from six man teams (Hexakill) to…

Evolve E3 2014

E3 2014 Evolve Trailer and Beta info

At the Microsoft press conference held on June 9th we were graced with the presence of a brand new Evolve trailer. This trailer showed off some of the greatness that awaits for fans wanting to…