GTA 5 Characters Appear on Better Call Saul

April 5, 2015

In case you missed this weeks episode of Better Call Saul or have yet to experience the show, you missed out. In this weeks episode of Better Call Saul, Steven Ogg the man who voices Trevor in Grand [...]

League of Legends Re-releases Ultra Rapid Fire

April 3, 2015

Hey Blissers and League of Legends Fans! In case you have been under a rock for the last few days or had an April fools day joke go horribly wrong, there is exciting news for League of Legends [...]

Halo 5 Guardians to Release on October 27th

April 1, 2015

War never changes, only the victors do.What if everything we knew was a lie? What if  the person you believed to be a hero had been the villain all along? In the two trailers released during the [...]

Legend of Zelda Wii U Pushed Back Til 2016

March 28, 2015

Hey Blissers! Did you have hopes of playing The Legend of Zelda Wii U this year? Well if you did I have bad news for you. Series producer Eiji Aonuma announced via Facebook video message that The [...]

Games with Gold for April 2015

March 26, 2015

Last month Microsoft announced that they would be making April’s Games with Gold extra special by offering two times the normal amount of free games during the month of April. The Xbox [...]

Rare Continues to Tease Banjo Kazooie

March 21, 2015

Last week Platonic Games revealed their plans for Project Ukulele. Project Ukulele is planned to be the spiritual successor of Banjo Kazooie. Project Ukulele is currently the working title. Platonic [...]

The Predator Joins Mortal Kombat X

March 21, 2015

When it comes to surprise characters in video games, video game companies try to keep a lid on all the surprises they have planned for a game, but sometime the word just gets out and once it does [...]

Dead Space 4???

March 20, 2015

In recent years sequels have either been a massive hit or missed their target market entirely, but one game started out strong just to fail after a few weeks. The game that started out strong selling [...]

Tell Tales The Walking Dead Season 3 Coming

March 19, 2015

During the South by Southwest (SXSW) gaming convention panel, Tell Tale confirmed that they are currently working on The Walking Dead Season 3, however no date was announced during the panel. Tell [...]

Fans Demand The Marcus Fenix Collection

March 7, 2015

After the announcement of the Master Chief Collection, Xbox fans have started a petition to get one of Microsoft’s top franchises to be remastered for the Xbox One. Fans of the Gears of War [...]

Rock Band 4 Coming to PS4 and Xbox 1

March 6, 2015

Hello there ladies and gentleman! Hello there ladies and gentleman! Are you ready to Rock? Are you ready to Rock? It has been over 3 years since the last Rock band game was released and children of [...]

League of Legends Party Rewards Glitched

March 3, 2015

Over the last few weeks, the League of Legends community has been abuzz after Riot Games implemented a party rewards bonus on their beta server. The Party Rewards system is one way Riot Games is [...]

Games with Gold for March

March 2, 2015

Hey Blissers! So March is finally here meaning that spring is right around the corner. For everyone in the northern hemisphere that is a sigh of relief knowing that the snow is almost gone. In an [...]

Banjo-Kazooie Successor in Development

February 17, 2015

Hey Blissers! If you have not already heard the news, a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie is being developed by former Rare employees. The new studio in charge of the Banjo-Kazooie successor is [...]
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