five nights at freddys

Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Coming Eventually

The realm of video game movies seems to be expanding. Between the Assassins Creed Movie and the Uncharted Movie, Hollywood can’t seem to get enough of Video Game movies.  Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reported reported that…

Assassins Creed Movie Desmond

New Assassins Creed Movie Details Surface

The Assassins Creed movie is getting bigger by the minute. Today, more details about the upcoming blockbuster hit the web via the international movie database otherwise known as IMBD. The Assassins Creed movie is highly…


Assassin’s Creed Movie in 2015

Hey there Assassin’s Creed lovers! So a lot of you are most likely curious how the Assassin’s Creed movie will turn out due past travesties that have befallen other video game movies. From the past, gaming…

Wreck it Ralph Review

Wreck it Ralph – Wrecks the Box Office

Wreck it Ralph has finally hit theaters throughout the world thanks to the efforts of Pixar and Disney.  This time the good folks lead by Jon Lassater give us a take on what the video…

Michael Fassbender to become an Assassin

Michael Fassbender to become an Assassin

The Prometheus star Michael Fassbender is set to become an Assassin in the new movie for the Assassins Creed franchise.  While no official date has been set or has the movie even started filming it…