8-Bit Glasses on Sale Now 10% goes to Charity

GamersBliss wants to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy by introducing our first item for our fans to purchase.  10 percent of ALL proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  If your not into awesome 8-bit Sunglasses your are also able to donate directly below.  Each pair of glasses are going for 9.99 plus 2.95 shipping and 10 percent will be taken out of the total of your final cost.

If you are interested in seeing a glimpse of what Hurricane Sandy has done, take a gander at the pictures below.  Some of the devistation that the East Coast of the United States has endured is unheard.  We take matters like this very seriously and we want to be able to help our countrymen to the best of our ability.  A link to the American Red Cross is below if you are interested to donate directly.