EA Play E3 2018 Press Conference Gets a Date and Time

EA Play E3 2018 Press Conference Details

With official Twitter confirmation, we learned that EA Play E3 2018 press conference details have surfaced. E3 always marks a very exciting time and EA is making sure to remain relevant in that action yet again. EA Play is a very popular unique experience at E3.

In recent years the powerhouse company has chosen to give up its renowned space inside the show for a friendly public alternative titled, EA Play. While we all know E3 is opened to the public now EA still opts for the offsite celebration of its upcoming games. With that being said the company still needs a way to get all the new announcements out to hungry fans.

After the announcement of EA Play registration, EA confirms when players will get all the information about what they will play with their registration. The information usually comes in the form of a press conference and guess what, 2018 is no different. The EA Play E3 2018 press conference airs on June 9th at 11 AM PTS. This means EA Play E3 2018 press conference reserves its own day (so far) on Saturday where no other company has claimed a presser time-slot.

EA Play E3 2018 Press Conference Confirmation Tweet

Along with EA, other companies have time-slots for their press conferences. Bethesda was the first to make fans aware of their big show. Bethesda claims Sunday, June 10th at 6:30PM PST. They are once again letting fans register for the event rather than restricting attendance to professional media outlets.

Next, rumors begin to circulate about Microsoft’s big show; one of the biggest of each years E3. Microsoft takes Sunday, June 10th at 1 PM PST. There is no official confirmation however it is very likely that the information is true.

We are still waiting on companies usually in the press conference line-up like Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo’s annual stream. So far, EA and Bethesda are tiding the fans over as we wait for more information just like this.