New Mythical Pokemon Zeraora Make Debut in Ultra Sun and Moon

mythical Pokemon Zeraora

The new mythical Pokemon Zeraora is now part of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Ever since the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, The Pokemon Company continues to bring players new pokemon. This time we get a good look at the newest addition, Zeraora.

Zeraora is an electric type Pokemon that stands on two legs. It has a strong look and fighting stance. This Pokemon emits electric from its paws and feet. There is defiantly a high appeal to the mythical Pokemon Zeraora for many fans. As the Pokemon’s description states, Zeraora gathers energy from outside sources. It uses the energy as its own and is able to emit it out into the world as powerful blasts.

mythical Pokemon Zeraora eventThe Pokemon looks really cool and is set to be very popular with the fans. So far, we do not know if only players of Ultra Sun and Moon will have a chance at Zeraora or if those on just Sun and Moon will also get to try out the new Mythical pocket monster.

Take a look at Zeraora in the reveal trailer below. This is our first look at what it looks like out in battle. It fits in very well with the rest of the regions fantastic Pokemon. Also, its look mimics series favorites like Lucario.



Mythical Pokemon Zeraora Debut Trailer

Finally, we have yet to learn any details on how players are to obtain this Pokemon. It is likely that Zeraora will be available through a special event similar to the game’s history. Also, remember that more information about Zeraora is coming soon. Furthermore, we are very happy to see this Pokemon join the ever-growing roster. What a perfect addition to players still hooked on Ultra Sun and Moon. Next, we hope to hear some Pokemon news for the Nintendo Switch fans out there!