Discussion: How do Video Game Movies Affect the Video Game Industry?

Video Game Movies Discussion

Video game movies, movies based on games or vice versa have a reputation. Most gamers seem to feel that game movies don’t do their favorite games justice. When some of our favorite games hit the big screen it’s hard to hide excitement. Recently there seems to be a surplus of upcoming video game movies in production.

In the past rumors like Gears of War, Bioshock and Uncharted stole gamers attention. Consider these potential game movies among games that have already hit the big screen like Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Hitman and Resident Evil while we continue our discussion.

How do Video Game Movies Affect the Industry?

We want our readers to weigh in if they feel that video game movies are positive to the progression of the video game industry or not. Do movies based on games bring more desired attention to gaming by nongame’s or do these films only appeal to the gamer audience? Are these films satisfying to you as a fan of the game and a viewer of the film? Finally, do you guys hope to see more dedication to making game movies better or is it a topic that should be laid to rest?

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