Long-Term Sea of Thieves Success Relies Heavily on Industry Trend that’s Not Soon Fading

Sea of Thieves Success in Live Streaming

Sea of Thieves success is something critical to Microsoft gaming year. The game is unique and its strong multiplayer focus promotes social activities. This game is a big signal for Microsoft future plans with Rare LTD. The former industry giant had worked on small, less-than-popular titles for the majority of their existence with Microsoft. Now, Sea of Thieves is finally releasing and creativity is what generates at its very core.

It would seem that a game in which we are so ready to give high praise to would just last on its own. While that may be true, even with Sea of Thieves, industry trend is truly what will keep this ship from sinking. With such a fun, light-hearted and unique way to play, Sea of Thieves success will flourish far above the competition when it comes to video game live streaming.

Sea of Thieves Success and the Importance of Streaming

Sea of Thieves Success in Live StreamingAfter playing the Alpha for long hours, watching Sea of Thieves gameplay and going through comparing all of our experiences there was something abundantly clear about Rare’s big title. This game is almost just as entertaining to watch as it is to play. Coming from someone who actually doesn’t care much for watching live-streamed video game content; this idea is big. There is a market for Sea of Thieves success with people who may not even purchase that game. Also, consider those who may not have the ability to play due to console preferences getting a kick out of seeing others joke around in this fun-filled environment where everyone’s journey is different. Curiosity can strike someone who loves the game to peek in on someone else and see what they are discovering.

The bottom line is, Sea of Thieves is by far the most marketable game out there for streaming. Streaming is the industry’s biggest trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Services like Twitch, Mixer and other popular live streaming services make certain gamers popular. We have yet to truly see one of these services holding the hand of a big hit game. Yet with the release of Sea of Thieves right around the corner, the time has come to see how much an exclusive game like this can entertain the entire industry in a different way. This is the level of creative freedom we are proud to see back in the hands of Rare LTD. Sea of Thieves success is important not only for the year of Xbox but for future Rare projects and gamers enjoyment.

Sea of Thieves Success Xbox Needs to Stand Down

Sea of Thieves Success in Live StreamingAs we all are probably aware of, Xbox One owners are somewhat pushed towards streaming via Microsoft service “Mixer”. This is not at all the most popular choice for live streamers or large audiences to tune in. Let us not see the “Kodak” effect when it comes to promoting Sea of Thieves and the idea of streaming. Of course, everyone has the personal choice to choose to stream where they wish. That walks hand-in-hand with the choice to watch where you please. If Xbox promotes “Mixer” over other streaming services like Twitch there could be vast limitations that they can’t afford.

Let’s just assume Xbox relies heavily on Mixer streamers to deliver Sea of Thieves streams. Imagine the PS4 viewing audience that they are cutting out. It’s not to say that a PS4 owner wouldn’t be interested in a Microsoft exclusive game. Because let’s get real, in the early years of Rare, when Nintendo was their guide, gamers grew up and dispersed to either Xbox or PlayStation. Rare, Rare classics, have fan bases on both competitor consoles.

If Xbox were to encourage live streamers to hit mutual streaming services with Sea of Thieves content will greatly benefit the console. It’s not only likely that the game will see more success but it could sell a lot more Xbox One consoles. This game could be the biggest success on Xbox One. Streaming is the key for Sea of Thieves success and selling more Xbox One consoles; that is very important to Xbox right now.