Super Smash Bros 2018 Inbound for Nintendo Switch – Teaser Trailer Shows New Characters

Super Smash Bros 2018 Teaser Trailer

During a recent Nintendo Direct conference, fans found out that Super Smash Bros 2018 is inbound for the Nintendo Switch. Fans have speculated the release of Super Smash Bros 2018 for some time. It is the perfect game for the Nintendo Switches diverse ways to play with friends. This has been abundantly apparent to more than just our editing staff!

So far, the information about the game is scarce other than the teaser below. In addition to the limited information, the game doesn’t even have an official subtitle. The only thing that we know about this game is that it is a Super Smash Bros title set to be released on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. As far as character details go, check out the teaser trailer below and see for yourself.

Some say the 2018 release window is a little ambitious however Nintendo continues to prove quality releases for the Switch. With Breath of the Wild back to back with Mario Odyssey, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Nintendo is lining up this big hit for releasing this year.

Super Smash Bros 2018 Teaser Trailer

The teaser trial begins with character reveals for Splatoon Inklings. Next to get confirmation is Nintendo classics, Super Mario and Link. There is no word on whether Mario is classic or perhaps with Super Mario Odyssey’s Cappy. Link is obviously the Breath of the Wild version of Hyrule’s hero. Other than these great characters the rest appear in a distant shadow. Players are trying to make guesses as to the characters seen in the shadows however any additional characters are to be considered rumors.

We are expecting to see even more from Super Smash Bros 2018 on the Switch than the recent titles on Wii U and 3DS. With the popularity of Nintendo’s most recent console, we hope to see the best Super Smash Bros game since Smash released. Sure, it’s a tall glass to fill however the Nintendo Switch continues to exceed fans wildest expectations.

Stay tuned for more details centered on Super Smash Bros 2018. Until then, give a warm welcome to the next big hit on Nintendo Switch; Super Smash Bros.