Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer Breakdown – What Can You Expect in Upcoming Full Announcement?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer

So we finally have an official Black Ops 4 teaser trailer. After several rumors about the next Call of Duty game Activision grants as confirmation with a short but very interesting teaser trailer. Recent rumors speculate about the time period the game takes place and what to expect from the title. With that being said nothing is to be confirmed without direct word from Activision.

However, that can’t keep us from discussing what we see in the new Black Ops 4 teaser trailer. Here we are going to discuss frame by frame what is seen from the recent Black Ops 4 teaser trailer release. Along with that, we will talk about our thoughts compared to some of the popular rumors out there. From there we encourage our viewers to weigh in their own thoughts and get hyped about more official information set to drop on May 17th.

So first and foremost let’s check out the Black Ops 4 teaser trailer in question below. Under the trailer, we are taking you through what we see in those fast cut scenes as the logo appears. We are going out on a limb here and considering these scenes to be of some importance with what to expect from Black Ops 4 when the game releases.

Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer – Breaking Down What We See

First, the trailer begins with a few scenes from Black Ops 1 including a close-up shot of protagonist Alexa Mason’s eye, classified files commonly seen via loading screens, and Nova 6 strike locations. This follows up with other fast cut scenes. Fans are immediately happy to see a tribute to the first game. Black Ops 1 is the fan favorite game with a great campaign mode as well as favored multiplayer and of course, the most beloved Zombies mode ever created. Next, we come to see an RC-XD; common multiplayer killstreak item made famous in BO1. And finally a fast cut into BO1 zombies.

The Black Ops 4 teaser trailer continues with the most interesting point. We see Victor Reznov and the famous Mason punch. But more importantly campaign hero and fan favorite franchise character Sgt. Frank Woods, is there in some of his most famous scenes. This includes the character tackling Kravchenko out of the window grenades. There is a gap of time never truly filled on what happened with Woods after that moment. The player continues with Alex Mason’s storyline. The very next split second shows the back of older Sgt. Woods head from a Black Ops II nursing home.

This jump from point to point could be a clue of where Black Ops 4 could head. It is wise to include that many players have begged Treyarch with the desire to play through the aftermath of Woods and Kravchenko. Could this be in Black Ops 4 rather than a direct Black Ops II follow-up?

Next, multiplayer takes the screen this time with a tribute to Black Ops 3 drones and more modern/futuristic zombie play. Basically, the Black Ops 4 teaser trailer runs as a short timeline. It vaguely captures each element of what makes this series.

Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer – What Was Not There

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer Exo SuitsSome of the things that were not seen in the teaser trailer might be more interesting than what was actually there. After the logo appears over some of the later Black Ops III scenes we consider what was lacking in this bit. Firstly, and probably most importantly, the trailer didn’t seem to feature much on exo-suits, jetpacks, wall running or full-on armor identical to Master Chief (Oh, believe me, I can go on and on). These where huge points fans vocalize about a distaste in the latest installment of the series. They weren’t significant in this teaser and that is something to celebrate.

Also, in terms of the campaign, a few notable characters were missing including not seeing much of David Mason or his right-hand man, Mike Harper (could be alive or dead). The player choices in Black Ops II make it very difficult for Treyarch to continue with that story. There is so much left to tie up at the end of the game, however, any shots of player choice elements are not in this teaser trailer. This gives an indication that following up with the Black Ops II storyline might not be the best route although it is most predicted by fans due to former not-officially-confirmed “Modern Era” rumors. How can Treyarch continue that storyline? That’s a matter of waiting and seeing if this is what happens with the COD Black Ops 4 official reveal on May 17th.

Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer – Existing Rumor Discussion

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer  RumorsEarly rumors indicate huge changes for COD in a Sledgehammer game. This is due to a cancellation of a Vietnam game during MW3 development. These rumors included third-person formatting, Vietnam setting and open-world multiplayer formatting. While these thoughts were years ago,  one is strong in COD history. The open-world didn’t happen with the first Sledgehammer game but it did happen; in COD WWII with the multiplayer Headquarters this many years later. Treyarch isn’t unfamiliar with the Vietnam timeframe. Those Sledgehammer ideas were a lot of good ideas to just let go of. It might be going out on a limb, however, it’s not impossible for another developer to pick up some of what it was especially in the relationship between the COD development teams. People are talking about it again, it is a stretch but its worth mentioning.

Secondly, rumors circulate about Black Ops 4 taking place in modern times. This would be a wonderful scale back from future and what fans are begging for. The rumors about Black Ops 4 being modern could be true especially if they honor Black Ops II. However let’s consider the next developer in the COD cycle; Infinity Ward, the king of Modern Warfare. Let’s also consider the potential re-master of MW2 releasing soon (read more here). Would it make sense for Treyarch to make a Modern Warfare setting with Infinity Wards next in line and in need of a big comeback? Just some thoughts aside from who said what to get this rumor off its feet. But, we do not think that a future setting is returning.

So far, these are thoughts and speculations. One things for sure, we cannot wait for more official Black Ops 4 information to release on May 17th.