Jafar Emoji Blitz Event Live and It’s Added a lot of Fresh Content

Jafar Emoji Blitz Event

A Jafar Emoji Blitz villain event is live. With this event, players are given the opportunity to unlock renowned Aladdin villain, Jafar. Like other villain Emoji Blitz events, you and your team of Emoji’s work together to defeat the villain. The goal is to work magic genie lamps to the bottom of the board. These magic lamps take the place of regular in-game items. If you have any Aladdin movie emoji’s like the genie, Aladdin or Jasmine now is the time to use them. Each Aladdin theme movie character deals double damage to Jafar making it much easier to progress in the challenge.

Just like other Disney villain events in Emoji Blitz, the number of magic lamps collected is the amount of damage the villain takes. After a certain amount of lamps collected you can unlock mini awards via regular and sliver chests. As you work your way up you get your hands on the notorious villain box that contains Jafar himself. Finally, once you reach the villain box Jafar is yours to use as part of your Emoji team.

And the best part is, you unlock this emoji before you complete the event. Players have to opportunity to grab two extra Jafar emoji’s throughout the event just to level him up a bit. Since this Jafar Emoji Blitz event is a villains event it is unlikely there will be any other way to unlock him.

Jafar Emoji Blitz Event – Other New Additions

Along with the addition of Jafar to the Emoji Blitz rooster, this Jafar Emoji Blitz event brings a temporary Diamond Box. Also, the Diamond Box contains only characters from Aladdin. Since there are so many characters in the game from the Aladdin film the box is separated into two parts for the duration of the event. The first diamond box welcomes Jasmine, The Genie and a new addition to the permeate rooster, Abu. The second is likely to feature Aladdin himself. Due to each Diamond Boxes ability to feature just 3 emoji’s they split the chances in half throughout the Jafar Emoji Blitz event.

But that’s not all! Now, the Aladdin film has a new Emoji Blitz groupset. And if you collect enough of each emoji in the Aladdin theme you can unlock Jasmine’s pet tiger, Rajah. You need 19 of each to get to the end of the groupset. If this interests you then we highly recommend on investing in this week’s Diamond Box to go along with the event.

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