Blog Post: These Two March 2018 Game Releases Had Me Sold on Announcement

March 2018 Game Release Blog Post

So, I know why you are here, you want to hear someone’s thoughts on the best looking March 2018 game releases. Before I dive into that I wanted to say a few things that some of you might find interesting, important, or just plain boring. Either way, just bear with me or scroll past the first few paragraphs to get to the good stuff.

First of all welcome to the official blog of the Cosplay and Gaming duo “The Spears Sisters”. My name is Heather Spears and this is where I am going to talk, rant and write about games. You may know me from- well here on GamersBliss, cosplay, twitch or just from general video games events. If you have no clue who I am and you came across this anyway, I appreciate that you are here. Anyway, I usually write here on Gamersbliss but I usually do so in a structured, rule-following, news reporting way. Here on the ‘blog’, you are going to get the laid-back, personal opinion and not grammatically correct Heather! In other words, I want these post to feel more like a conversation than a report, article, review, ect.

March 2018 Game  First GamersBliss Blog Post

Some of you might know since I started GamersBliss in 2011, I have yet to use the word “I” in any articles on the website. This has always been a team effort and personal feelings have never had an official place here. We do not believe that someones personal opinion is better than another person; sometimes that can be taken out of context once something is officially published online. Now, in these blog posts, I’m using “I”. This is more of a personal diary that I’ve invited the entire world to read if they want to! And should not be mistaken for official incite. I am Heather, a typical gamer and no different, or better than the readers that choose to visit this site.

GamersBliss is a website dedicated to bringing video game entertainment while you are away from your controller. I created this website with my boss/ best friend/ future brother-in-law, Jim. We decided that it would be cool to let our viewers see our thoughts a little more personally thus this ‘blog’ section of the website was born. Now that we got all of that nonsense out of the way lets dive into the reason why you clicked on this post in the first place; the best looking March 2018 game releases!

Best Looking March 2018 Game Releases

The two March 2018 game release that have my attention are Far Cry 5 and A Way Out. Both of these games are top contenders for my personal evaluation of Game of the Year. And to think I don’t even know of all of the games releasing in 2018 yet! Regardless of that, I have a good reason why these two games have more than just my attention but my respect. ‘

First, I’ll admit that I am not an overly competitive person. I play games to relax and to get lost in a world that is not this one. Let’s face it, this world can kind of suck. It feels good to get lost in something that matters just a tad bit less sometimes.

Let’s consider these games individually so that I can further my point. Far Cry 5 and A Way out are more than just upcoming game releases but they great looking titles without being too glorified.

Anticipated March 2018 Game Release – Far Cry 5 (March 27th, 2018)

Anticipated March 2018 Game Far Cry 5Far Cry 5 seems to be gritty, gruesome and maybe a tad bit too violent. Still, Far Cry 5 has something that I’ve missed from games in recent years. It seems like the VR trend, MMO style and forced Multiplayer seems to have taken over the industry in a way. Another huge trend seems to be futuristic, or robotic games. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good futuristic setting but not when almost every game on the shelf has the same super-human fighting alien species feel.

Far Cry 5 is one of the first huge games releasing in recent years that is breaking free of the ‘popular right now’ trend. It seems to be staying true to what the Far Cry series is and stepping out of the box with this very controversial setting. I can envision myself playing this game alone or with friends but at the end of the day, I respect that it is my choice to play how I choose to.

Admittedly, I have had hands-on time with Far Cry 5 back at E3 2017. The game was vastly improved from previous Far Cry games in minor ways. It has been a long time since I’ve played the game and the version that I played is most likely far from what is releasing in a few weeks. But it is worth mentioning that my respect for the game vastly increased after my hands-on time. The game has me sold based off of it’s obvious and noticeable series improvements, freedom of choice and for staying very true to its previous fan base.

Anticipated March 2018 Game Release – A Way Out (March 23rd, 2018)

Anticipated March 2018 Game A Way Out

A Way Out is a big one for me because there is a lot about the announcement that I am in love with. First, the game promotes couch coop. If you know me at all then you know that the most important person in this world to me is my sister Sarah. We grew up playing coop game and when we were younger most all coop games that we love were couch coop. It has been years since we’ve seen let alone fallen in love with a couch co-op game.

A Way Out is stepping away from the online trend and attempting to get players gaming together in the same room again. I don’t love playing games by myself I love playing games with my sister. Trends like VR and always online games has hindered our experience together. Big props to A Way Out for bringing a new experience like this to the market.

Secondly, one thing that I have always appreciated about video games is the way they plot you, the player, as the main character of an adventure. Few other forms of entertainment can touch the connection a video game creates between a character and the viewer. There are plenty of story games but single player games haven’t been the most popular in recent years. This has made finding an engaging story a bit harder to come by. A Way Out seems to honor my need to feel connected to the plot of a video game.

Now, I have yet to try A Way Out for myself. Everything I am saying here is just hoping at this point. The bottom line is, it’s a strong hope; I hope more from this game than any other game releasing in 2018.

March 2018 Game Releases – Conclusion

There are other nice looking releases coming out as early as March that should capture a player’s interest as well. I feel good to highlight these 2 as my top contenders because they appeal to my play style. In no way am I implying that these games will be the best games to release this year. I am simply confirming that these two games captured my attention for similar but also very different reasons.

I won’t know if I am in love with these games until after I officially give them a try. However, I am very excited to play both of my most anticipated March 2018 game releases. Keep up to date with me right here on GamersBliss for more of my video game thoughts and blogs. If you would like to follow me elsewhere check out the Spears Sisters and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you have faith in some upcoming 2018 video game releases as well. And at that, for whatever reason, they might appeal to you. Happy gaming!