Discussion: What Games Can the Nintendo Switch Release To Match Last Years Success

Nintendo Switch Release Discussion

There is no doubt about it that the games Nintendo Switch release this year need to be great. Last year, they had an amazing year with 2 of the biggest franchises in Nintendo history thus making waves just months apart. 2017 houses the release of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and the remounted Super Mario Odyssey.

These two titles are so big, most outlets awarded one or the other with the sought after “Game of the Year” title. And that was big news for Nintendo. Their competition didn’t stand a chance with 2017’s big Nintendo releases.

Now, it’s up to Nintendo to keep the momentum rolling. With e3 2018 fast approaching, it’s a wonder what Nintendo can do to keep up the extremely fast and respectable pace. So. We’ve decided to open up a discussion to our readers about which games they hope to see come to the Nintendo Switch this year to help Nintendo keep up with their own leading pace.

2018 Nintendo Switch Release – What Games can Help them Keep Up the Pace?

As for Nintendo Switch release rumors some of our favorites include the potential of Animal Crossing, Pokémon series supporting Switch in a big way and one of our favorites Super Smash Bros. These are just 3 ideas that fans are hoping to see make their way to the Switch soon.

So, in the comment section below let us know which series or game you would most like to see announced for the Nintendo Switch.  Please be mindful of other peoples feelings; all answer are welcome here however our staff approves each comment before it is allowed to appear on this page. We do that to protect our community and offer a safe place to share your opinion. Any comment meant to hurt another viewer is something we will not approve. Keep that in mind as you join our discussion.

We open these discussions to help the community have a positive and influential voice in the video game industry. The more we positively discuss content such as this, the more of an influence we have on the industry. Join us in our discussions. Have your voice heard by the people who make the games we all love to play!

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