Free Competitive Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle Mode Announced

Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle

In a surprise Nintendo Direct mini they announced free Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle multiplayer DLC. Okay, it’s not really a ‘Balloon Battle’ it’s more like hide-and-seek. This new competitive mode is called Luigi’s Balloon World which adds two new modes to the critically acclaimed game. The two modes walk hand in hand as one is “Hide It” and the other is “Find It”.

The Hide It mode tasks a player with hiding a balloon randomly in the world. The player has 30 seconds to hide the balloon where ever they think is a good place. The key to success is knowing the best hiding spots.

Find It is just as self-explanatory as it’s opposite. In Find It mode players tasks are to find balloons that other players hide. Again, players have 30 seconds to find the balloons. And just like Hide It the key is knowing the in’s and outs of the world you are searching on.

Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle – Luigi’s Balloon World Via Nintendo Direct Mini

Luigi’s Balloon World starts at 6:35 in the video below

This update is free for all Super Mario Odyssey players this February. There is a trick to unlocking this mode. After downloading the game update, only players who beat the game can access the Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Battle, Luigi’s Balloon World.

As the name suggests, Luigi is the host of these two new game modes. Just walk up and talk to Luigi in game worlds to start up this unique multiplayer experience.

The update also includes 3 new outfits for the famed hero. Mario can dress in a new Sunshine Shades and outfit, a Musician Hat and outfit, and a Knight Helmet and Armor. Also, the game adds a few new filters for taking photos after the update arrives. Snapshot mode is getting additions like neon lines on a dark background and a make your own coin filter.

This free update is exciting. Who doesn’t like fun, new, free content for an already fantastic game?