Alice in Wonderland Emoji Blitz Event Gives Fans a Shot at New Characters

Alice in Wonderland Emoji Blitz Event

A 7 day long Alice in Wonderland Emoji Blitz event is live and ready for action. In this event, like many of the others, players get the task of defeating the famed villain, The Queen of Hearts. Defeating the villain won’t be easy. The new diamond box emoji set is the best way to dethrone the queen.

While all emoji’s work while defeating the Queen of Hearts there are some that offer more benefits. Any Alice in Wonderland themed emoji’s deal double the damage to the queen. Dealing double damage makes the event move twice as fast so rewards come twice as often.

Get your hands on a Diamond box available for a limited time featuring popular gold emoji’s as well as a new addition to the lineup. The Alice in Wonderland Emoji Blitz event diamond box offers Alice, Cheshire cat, White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter. Previously, the Mad Hatter was not available as a typical gold emoji but it is possible (not confirmed) to see him added after the event concludes.

Alice in Wonderland Emoji Blitz Event – How to Play

Fans can play the event on the startup screen before pressing play. The first time the event appears for players will take them through a tutorial showing how to score points in taking down the Queen of Hearts. Basically, flamingos appear on the game board instead of items. Work to bring the flamingos down to the bottom to score points in taking down the queen. The more flamingos you collect, the more damage dealt to the queen. And to make matters even better, Alice and Wonderland emoji’s double the item count at the end of the game.

But there’s more to the puzzle than just collecting items to defeat the queen. You didn’t expect her to go down without a fight, did you? The Queen of Hearts fights back by throwing a tantrum and replacing emoji on the board with cards. Hit the cards with sunshine or lightning to free up space for a new emoji to take its place.

The Alice in Wonderland emoji blitz event is super fun and available for 7 days. As you unlock rewards via the chest after each game, you progress towards unlocking the Queen of Hearts. At box number 16 players get their first opportunity to add The Queen of Hearts to their emoji character lineup.

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