Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard Giveaway – First Come First Serve

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard Giveaway

A Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard giveaway? Now, that’s cool business! We have another giveaway in store for you guys. From one of our newest staff members, Steven Miller, we have 5 Charizard codes available for Pokémon Sun and Moon players. In order to assure that these Chirzards find a home quickly, this giveaway is on a first come, first serve basis. Below are details about the Charizard taking part in our giveaway and 5 codes for the Pokémon. 5 lucky readers are walking away with a brand new Charizard. Cool deal right?

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard Stats and Details:

This Charizard is at level 50 with the ‘blaze’ ability. The Pokémon that we are giving away knows four awesome moves. The move set includes Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz, Fly, and Earthquake. This move set makes for a well-rounded addition to any team.

In addition, the Charizard also holds the item “Red Card”. The red card is a useful item that allows the Pokémon holding the red card to consume the card forcing the Pokémon who did damage it to switch to a random Pokémon. For more information about the red card please visit this page via Bulbapedia.net.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard is available as a mystery gift. To get one of our Charizard’s please turn on your game and navigate to mystery gift in the main menu. Then, select “Receive Gift” and “Get with code/Password”. After connecting to the internet, enter your code and enter your game to speak with the delivery person at any Pokémon center. In order to keep your new Pokémon be sure and save your game!

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard Codes:

  • A7A4Y4UUMR8QY3T2
  • A7A4Y6YRUGNN979A

Please note that there is only one code per person. We have 5 codes available for 5 different Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon games only. Trying to redeem 2 codes on the same game will result in a failed attempt at the second code. Also, each code must be redeemed by February 4th, 2018.

In conclusion, thank you all for stopping by. Enjoy these Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Charizard mystery gifts.