Video Game Trends of 2018 are Setting up one of the Best Years Since the Release of Xbox One and PS4

video game trends of 2018

Video Game trends of 2018 are all that’s on players’ minds with the Holiday season rolling around and a new year on the horizon. With the thought of video games on our mind (as usual) its easy to drift away and think of the games coming out within the next year. There are a lot of confirmed titles for 2018 releases that have players talking. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Far Cry 5, Anthem, A Way Out and so much more have gamers rejoicing yet again.

A lot of gamers can agree that gaming in recent years has fallen short of expectations. With such heavy emphasis on multiplayer, more care in how a game looks than the plot presented and a race for the next big innovation a lot of modem games have lost sight of what makes gamers, well… gamers. But video game trends of 2018 seems to be going in the right direction.

Video Game Trends of 2018 – Let’s Talk about Pattern

In 2018 it seems like we have a large variety of games hitting the market. While past years seemed to lack a true variety due to high demand for always online, massive multiplayer content; the coming year seems to largely ignore that need. A common trend with confirmed games seems to be a player’s choice in the way to play. While games like Destiny, Titan fall and other big hitter games of recent years forced players into a world new trends suggest taking players back to a choice. The appreciation we have for the simplicity and freedom of choice is something so substantial that it’s difficult to properly express.

Another video game trend to consider this year is actually the success of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is one of the most respected consoles for a real gamer audience in a while. Nintendo had two huge hitters in 2017 with Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey. What will Nintendo do in 2018 to keep the flow of greatness? There are some rumors and ideas on ways for Pokémon to make a huge impact on the Switch. Fans speak of popular series like Animal Crossing as well. Nintendo is leaving fans wildly in the dark about what’s to come. However, they will need something to keep the flow of greatness coming their way.

While video game trends of 2018 are a topic on our minds one thing is still for certain; no one knows the greatness that’s to come in 2018 yet. We don’t even know of every game set to release in 2018 yet.

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