Disney Emoji Blitz Coco Event Live to Celebrate Movie Release

Disney Emoji Blitz Coco Event

A Disney Emoji Blitz Coco event is live and it could be one of the most fun yet! In celebration of the new Disney animated film, Coco, the game got a brand new event. The event features 3 popular characters from the Coco film in a diamond box as well as offers players a unique opportunity to get extra rewards. The extra rewards come in a chest in the typical event layout but the way to unlock each chest is what is making fans so happy. Also, fans are able to get extra opportunity to unlock more emoji characters through silver and gold boxes as the event progresses.

Disney Emoji Blitz Coco Event – How to Play

The Disney Emoji Blitz Coco event gives players a unique opportunity to use emoji’s that they have not unlocked. Each chest opens by using a specific emoji to complete a challenge. But the fun doesn’t stop there. To show the unity and connection, this event requires 2 emoji’s to play; one the player chooses and another assigned by the game itself at random. So the player ends up with a cooperative event. There are two emoji’s cooperating rather than the usual ‘take down the villain’ approach.

The two emoji’s that the player uses work together in each mini event. They alternate between powers giving players a wide range of possibility. If there is an emoji that the player does not have that is required for the challenge the game will assign that emoji as your partner. The best part is if you have both of the emoji’s unlocked they will both gain experience towards leveling up.

The Disney Emoji Blitz Coco event is one of our favorites since we’ve started playing the game. It is exceptional and offers a brand new way to play the simple yet addictive title. The event is live now and runs the duration of 5 days so act fast if you want those extra rewards!