In the Days of Digital Download We Still Honor GameStop

Honor GameStop

Finding ways to honor GameStop is easy, even in the days of digital download. There’s is no question that the video game industry is changing. One of the biggest changes is the ease and convinces of digital downloads. More often than not gamers are deciding to pre-load their games by purchasing them on Xbox One or PS4 directly. This cuts out the middleman like Best Buy, Walmart and of course GameStop. Since times are changing many worry about GameStop. Some gamers have gone as far as to wish the dated business module away. Do we really still need GameStop with the progression of the video game industry?

Even though GameStop seems like it is struggling it is still something that many hold close. Places like GameStop used to be the center of midnight release events. Big retailers often offered a slight selection while GameStop stood as the best place to buy games. Now times are changing but somehow GameStop remains a pillar of strength.

These are the Reasons Why We Still Honor GameStop

One of the biggest reasons GameStop remains relevant is because it is a great place to find hard to get games. Some games are actually really rare. Even though some games are rare, even discontinued, GameStop remains the perfect place to search of the titles. Because they have offered trade-in’s for so many years, GameStop has a wide variety of games. Whereas Target and Walmart regularly stock their shelves with the latest and greats, GameStop is constantly getting a supply of older and harder to find a game in.

Unfortunately, as digital downloads take over the trade-in program grows more limited. However, we live in a time where disc are still a thing. Because of that, GameStop really is one of the best places to find those old jewels that people are selling on eBay for outrageous prices.

Another reason why we can still honor GameStop is because it has grown with the times. Buying games from an actual retailer might not be the most convenient thing anymore but GameStop now offers so much more than just games. GameStop has some of the best video game merchandise out there. This is one of the best places to get things related to your favorite games like clothes, wallets, notebooks and more.

Some of us weren’t so lucky growing up. It was like unwrapping a golden ticket in one of Willy Wonka’s chocolate bars to lay eyes on a shirt with a video game character on it. Now, GameStop poses a great place to gear up in video game garb. Let your fan hood fly with their awesome selection of merchandise.

Finally, games are more commonly coming out with a ton of different collectibles to pride releases. Something to honor about GameStop is their merit to display some of these unique collectibles. These are things that not everyone can actually afford. When games come out with collectible sets and figures it’s nice to actually see them. Of course, you could just go to Amazon but some of us still like the feeling of finding what we want and holding it in our hands before we purchase it.

GameStop might be a dying breed but it’s not something that gamers are happy to see struggling. It is dated but is reaching to remain relevant. Maybe someday GameStop locations will take on the form of museums with a small entry fee but until then lets honor GameStop and their strides at bringing gamers what they want.