Discussion: How Can the Racing Game Genre Be Improved?

Racing Game Genre Forza Motorsport 7

The racing game genre is popular among gamers. Each time a racing game comes out there is always talk about the number of improvements the game is supposed to feature. Anything from a more realistic driving experience to more vehicle choices is always in question. While it’s clear that customization, setting, vehicles choices and events types are important to most racing games it is difficult to determine how these aspects can improve.

Modern racing games have a huge emphasis on delivering players the fastest, best and most modern vehicles. With that being said, is a bigger vehicle selection the only ticket in making a racing game all that it can be?

For our discussion this week we would like to shed light on the racing game genre. So, some argue that racing games are all about gameplay where others wish to see plot integration in more games in the crowded genre. There are players who feel that racing games are too identical while some dedicate themselves to a series.

Racing Game Genre – What Improvements Would You Like to see

One of the modern advancements in the racing game genre is definitely MMO style play. But not all players love existing in a world with a mass of other players. Another big advancement is the size of the game world and offering more opened-world style games. Do you guys feel that this is the right direction for the genre? Consider games like Need for Speed Payback, Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.

Our main point to discuss is if you could influence the future changes in the racing game genre what sort of functionality would you most want to come across?

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  1. I think for racing games to be fully immersive, you’d need to play on a steering wheel with VR, but I like how some titles are now creating variation in car capabilitie and making cars feel unique from each other, maybe that can be improved on further?

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